Review: Philip Kingsley – Battle with Hair Loss

Recently I cut off my long hair, not because I wanted to follow the short hair trend, but more of my-tresses-wouldn’t behave-any-more-so-I-had-no-choice-but-to-snip-them-off *cries*

I’ve always had problems with my scalp. It’s always either itchy, oily or flaky (sometimes all 3 at the same time).
There’s never really a ‘good scalp day’ for me.

Philip Kingsley_ Singapore_blog_review_trichologist_leonica_kei_products

I grew very frustrated of course.. I tried so many brands of shampoo in the market – Phyto, Rene Furterer but to no avail.

Heck, I was so desperate I went to buy California baby, hoping it would give me some relief, but no, it didn’t work at all.

When I went to my dermatologist for my face, she realised my hair was very dry so she took a look at my hair too. And… she diagnosed me with Seborrheic dermatitis for the scalp.

Was prescribed a shampoo and a scalp spray. I guess the intent was to dry out the excess oil from the scalp and keep it clean and fresh but it dried out my hair real bad too. Even conditioner won’t help.

Am done with self-medicating.

Met Ms Leonica Kei, a very well-known trichologist in Singapore, at Philip Kingsley for a consultation earlier this week. She’s super friendly and easy to talk to! I was really worried about the scalp scanning where they magnify your scalp like 200x.

Turns out, they used that technology 10 years ago and no longer do that now. *Huge relief* She will look at your scalp, do a thorough questionnaire and then diagnose your condition.

First diagnosis: Seborrheic dermatitis.

TBH, I was quite impressed cause she told me that without using any equipment.

Second diagnosis: Balding/ receding hairline.

I swear I wanted to die right there and then. But okay lah, I don’t have to cause she told me there’s still hope.

Looking back on my old pictures further reaffirms that the hair around my parting and hairline is really getting thinner :(
Philip Kingsley_Before_pictures_hairloss_Singapore_Trichologist_scalp_treatment_centre

At my first ever treatment

Did a calming treatment to soothe my sensitive scalp, followed by a hydrating hair masque!
Philip Kingsley_ Singapore_blog_review_trichologist_leonica_kei_Hairloss_treatment

After the treatment with no hair product applied nor straightening.

Scalp felt less itchy and calm, and hair was light and fluffy.

Philip Kingsley_ Singapore_blog_review_trichologist_leonica_kei_Hairloss_treatment_irritated scalp

Shampoo, conditioner and a scalp lotion for everyday use.

I swear they smell so good, I can’t wait to go home and wash my hair right now.
Philip Kingsley_ Singapore_blog_review_trichologist_leonica_kei_dandruff_hairloss

I have a treatment plan planned for the next few months, working to treat the sensitive scalp and then subsequently, hair growth. Will be documenting my progress here, so watch this space!

Philip Kingsley
390 Orchard Road
#03-08/09 Palais Renaissance
Tel: +65 6834 0988



  1. I think we all more or less struggle with something. Sometimes, it can be really hard to find a solution. I’m so glad to hear that you’ve found yours.

  2. Hello~Jenn=) Thanks for sharing with us. I have met the same type of problem and now i know that there is a cure for my scalp. I am so happy now!

  3. May I know how has the treatment gone so far?
    The shampoo and conditioner bundle, are these from Philip Kingsley ? Just noticed that the packaging differs. Thank

    • Hi dear! The treatment has been helpful so far. Been using the shampoo and conditioner for some time now and it has helped me with my itchy scalp issue. Yes, shampoo, conditioner and scalp tonic are all from Philip Kingsley :)

  4. Hi, may i know how much the treatment costs and have you seen any changes in your hair growth around your parting? Im having the same problem as yours and I need help terribly :(

  5. Hi i faced similar problem as Manisha too. I’ve read elsewhere on Philip Kingsley products and would also want to check the cost of the treatment

    • Hi! It’s about $300 – $500 per session. I think it varies according to your hair type, so do call them and check :)

      But if yours is not too serious, you can order the philip kingsley prdts and see if they help you out at all!

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