Mich’s wedding l Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Last Saturday, I attended dear Mich’s wedding with the colleagues at Shangri-la hotel. It’s my first time visiting Shangri-la and I really love the ambience there. It’s grand, but exudes warmth and makes one feel very welcomed.


Photos from their pre-wedding shoot in Japan

Lovely couple during the march-in. I swear Mich looks like a real life princess. I clapped, cheered, threw confetti and snapped photos at the same time…quite a remarkable feat, no? *give pat on own back*

Dress from Agneselle & shoes from Sinderella. The heel was rather high but I walked comfortably in it all night. And trust me, I walked A LOT cause it was raining and there’s no cab in sight. Review on Sinderella¬†here



Make-up for the night

Dear Mich and Royce, as you wed today, I wish you to enjoy the kind of love that grows and knows no end. May your married life be an inspiration to all the couples out there!

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