Sinderella – Customised Wedding/Bridesmaid Shoes

Some time back, I went down to Sinderella to customise a new pair of shoes! It’s so timely cause there’s Michie’s wedding coming up end of this month, plus I will be bridesmaids for two of my besties next year!

I was still wondering which heel will go well with my dresses… no worries now cause I have the perfect customised pair for the wedding!

Sinderella is located in a cozy corner on the 3rd floor of Delfi Orchard.

A sizeable collection to choose from 

Customised shoes? What exactly do they customise?

Pretty much everything! From the heel height to the material used to the embellishment you want, they are able to help carve out the perfect pair of shoes you have in mind.

Have you ever had a scenario where you try on a ready-made shoe on the rack and everything’s perfect except for one detail? I have. I buy so many pretty heels but barely wear them out cause the heels are too high and hurt my feet!

With Sinderella, you never have to buy something you’re not 100% happy with. Get a shorter heel, open toes, add a flower. They try their best in offering you the dream design you have in mind. Read their testimonials here

More than 100 different materials to customise from

Different add-ons and embellishments – crystals/pearls/lace


How does it work?

1) Visit their physical shop
2) Try on some ready-made designs
3) Pick a design you like and modify it to your liking e.g. shorter heel, adding embellishment, changing materials etc
4) Wait 3 – 4 weeks for your customised heels to be ready

Otherwise, you can order them online directly via their website here


Well, words are never enough to show you how beautiful these shoes are :) Let me show you some of the designs I tried on!

Sara – White satin with white lace

This pair caught my eyes immediately cause I really love lacey shoes. It feels so luxuriously comfortable when worn and I can stand in them for hours!



Victory in Ivory

The translucent lace with sweet floral prints is a perfect combination of elegance and sweetness. Walk down the aisle with Victoria and it will turn you into a modern day princess instantly.


Lene in Ivory

Such a classy pair of closed toed heels! This will be perfect for brides-to-be, not to mention it’s very comfy to walk in.


And my favorite design is… *drumroll*

Joelle in Silver

This really reminds me of my dancing shoes (for ballroom latin) and I fell instantly in love with this pair once I set my eyes on it. It’s the perfect combination of glittery silver and lace!



And after waiting for 3-4 weeks for my customised pair to arrive…

They’re finally here!

Aren’t they super gorgeous? Can’t wait to wear them! :)


So ladies, if you’re looking to buy your wedding/bridesmaid shoes, and want to have that option to be able to customise a pair that truly belongs to you, do give Sinderella a try :)

They also retail other small accessories, wedding favours and elegant clutches like the one I am carrying below :D

IMG_9115 (1)

Thank you, Sinderella, for my lovely pair of Joelle heels!

402 Orchard Road
Delfi Orchard #03-04
Singapore 238876

Like them on Facebook here



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