Cronuts date & Sunday

Last Saturday, B and I set out to look for some cronuts :)

We first headed to Paragon’s Da Paolo but their Crodos were sold out at 4pm! Thus we headed to the next nearest cronut place at Tanglin Mall – Brunetti.

We ordered two different flavours – Nutella & Vanilla. Strawberry flavour is available too.


Before eating, I can’t help but notice that the plate was extremely oily..


I could do with more Nutella filling…
20131116_182545(0) (1)

Okay, my take is that the Cronut at Brunetti was….


The pastry looks light and fluffy and I expected it to be crisp but it was nowhere near what I imagined.

The pastry was pretty flat and oily and the only saving grace was that tasty nutella, which isn’t a creation of the company to begin with. We spent about $22 on 2 cronuts and coffee. Not overly expensive but I think there’re better ones out there.

Must get my hands on the sold out Crodos from Da Paolo soon!

Anyway, B & I spent good ol’ Sunday talking about a lot of things.

He did my hair for me, which is something I really appreciate.

PhotoGrid_1384691129934 (1)

We ended the night with some Lana Del Ray, home-made cafe quality drinks, and some snacks. She does sound better on vinyl.

Maybe I’m just saying that cause I spent $50 on that vinyl so it’d better sound better than the Youtube ripped version on my phone.




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