Fullhouse Signature, Singapore

Thanks to the good people at Mapwerkz, I recently visited  Fullhouse Signature with a group of bloggers for a hearty meal!

Some of you may remember the old Fullhouse Cafe at Rendezvous Hotel (which has since ceased operations). They’re back and promise that you will love their new venue and concept!

Soaking in the pretty atmosphere. Love the cute concept! Let’s take a look at the decor.. 








We started off with a cream of forest mushroom, $9. The soup gears more towards watery than thick & chunky.

Crunchy Cheese Sticks, $11
Well, honestly I expected piping hot mozzarella cheese to be oozing out upon my first bite but that didn’t happen. The exterior is fried till crisp, and the cheese is tasty, though I don’t fancy molten cheese.


Italian Meatballs, $17
Don’t be deceived by the picture, the meatballs are actually quite sizeable in real life. The combination of tomato sauce, cheese and meatball works really well together and doesn’t make me feel queasy even if I were to finish it on my own. If dining with kids, this is a dish you wouldn’t want to miss ordering.

Golden Crab Meatballs, $11
This dish was quite delightful and the crab meat was fresh. I loved the creamy dip that came along with it. Yet another dish kids will love.



Fullhouse Ravioli, $25
Okay, I will be honest here. Have watched a lot of raviolis being made in TV shows but have never tried one. I thought this was pretty tasty but the crust underneath seems to be overly tough to bite through. The filling is delicious, including ingredients like spinach, minced prawns & squid.

Braised Lamb Shank, $29
I don’t really fancy lamb but this was prepared really well. It’s very tender and there’s no weird smell. Love the mashed potatoes too.
Fullhouse_Signature_review_Singapore_Lamb Shank_main_menu

Chicken chop with raisin black pepper sauce, $25
The exterior was seared to perfection and was very crisp.

Scallop Aglio Spaghetti, $21
Easily the best main of the night. Looks simple but the flavor palette is amazing. The spaghetti had a hint of spice to it but it was still manageable for me even though I can’t take spicy foods. The scallops were fresh too.


Banana Paradise, $9
Not a fan of bananas but my friends said it was delicious. The ice cream was creamy, which I enjoyed.

Molten chocolate cake$9
If you were rejoicing cause you thought there was a new lava cake to try, look again. This is a molten chocolate cake, which means the inside is cooked through. I found it pretty hard for my liking (my bias is always molten lava cakes!).

I know I probably got you hungry with all these pictures above so I’m gonna share an awesome 1-for-1 promotion they’re offering for their grand opening!

Starting from today till 10 December, it’s 1-main-course-for-1 FREE!

Just flash the coupon below at the restaurant to redeem this awesome deal :)


After we were done with the food tasting, I (just had to!) headed to the gown area with my girls and tried on one of the beautiful gowns. They retail gowns at rather affordable prices here, so brides-to-be looking for ready-made gowns, please come here and try out their designs!

My girls trying REALLY hard to fit me into the gown. Back design – corset type

All sashed up! Too much pink I’m dying of happiness hahaha

Photos grabbed from Jasminevictorina‘s blog! She takes such nice photos!


A group shot with the mapwerkz bloggers

Thank you Fullhouse Signature for having us that night!

Fullhouse Signature Singapore
3A Clarke Quay
River Valley Road #02-04
Singapore 179020
Fullhouse Signature Singapore on Facebook



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