Air Connection

Hello guys, today’s post is going to be on a very important topic…


If you live in Singapore (or in the tropical parts of Asia), your aircon is probably your best friend. That cooling touch when you are sweating cows in the sweltering heat…


I remember when I shifted into my new home (some time ago), the air-conditioning worked really well. The whole room will be icy cold cause I like to set it to 18 degrees, wrap myself up and be all warm & toasty.

After a while, I realised the aircon stopped being as cold and worse, STARTED DRIPPING, which was super irritating cause I had to turn it off.

aircondripping_Air Connection_Aircon specialist

And of course, we found many aircon maintenance companies to come and fix the problem, and they came up with many reasons, saying either the aircon unit got too cold, or I left my door open for too long, or the aircon unit was faulty and asked me to get a new one.


It will start leaking and not be cold again after the first week of washing.

Air Connection offered to come by and take a look at my problematic aircon unit. YAY!


The two service personnel did a Q&A with me on the unit before checking it out. Good that they bother to communicate with the customer instead of just doing their usual washing, which really won’t solve the issue of my dripping problem..

Air Connection_Singapore_review_aircon_specialist

And after a while, I finally found out what’s causing the leakage after so many years…

The specialist told me that the pipes connecting my unit to the main aircon unit was very far away and long term usage without frequent cleaning will cause the pipes to clog up, hence dripping problems will occur. He suggested frequent cleaning to ensure the pipes remain clear and clog-free!

Overall, here’s what I liked about their service:

  • Efficient service – finished cleaning in less than half hour
  • Willingness to speak with the customer to find out their concerns
  • Providing a diagnosis of the problem
  • Offering a solution

Most of the companies I engaged previously came and washed the unit and that’s about it. It’s been about 3 – 4 weeks after Air Connection came by, and so far, no leaks and the aircon’s cold. Extremely satisfied :)


Their rates on ad-hoc cleaning / packages below

(Accurate as of 11 Nov 13)

Air Connection_Singapore_Rates_promotion

Air Connection
+65 9637 4287
Email them @

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