Janice Leong x Lacoco saga

A friend forwarded the photo below to a few of us in our regular group chat this morning.

Apparently a blogger by the name of Janice Leong asked for sponsorship from Lacoco Korean Hair Salon and threatened to destroy their reputation when the salon rejected her request / did not reply her email fast enough.


Anyone noticed that her email is named Jaxx Toh when she signed off as Janice Leong…? Weird. 

I don’t know her personally and I’m writing this based on the assumption that the convo above did happen.

How did she get the courage to email them in the first place? For those who never heard of Lacoco (or how expensive they are), my girl friend did her perm there for $600. Unless you’re some big name like Xiaxue / DY, why would the salon even want to sponsor you?

So Janice..  you’ve not only disgraced yourself but you made everyone lose faith in bloggers too. Please don’t be the type who blogs so you get to enjoy all the perks (or demand for perks, otherwise threaten).

Don’t make the rest of us look like beggars alongside with you, please.

You might want to check out Janice’s social sites:


Archive of old site

1) http://web.archive.org/web/20130909182016/http://www.janiqueel.com/
2) http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache%3Ahttp%3A%2F%2Fcache.nevkontakte.com%2Fproxy.html#go=www.janiqueel.com

And Conrad (Person-in-charge at Lacoco in contact with Janice) replied.

Conrad Chua’s FB: https://www.facebook.com/conradchua

lacoco saga_Janice Leong

Text version for easy reading

Dear Janice Toh,

I am replying to you not because of your 24 hours deadline. But because you deserve an obvious answer as soon as possible.

First off, I will apologize for not being prompt in my reply to turn you down officially.
Yes, I am turning you down.

As in I am DECLINING to be featured in you blog (which I have verified at this point of writing to be NON-EXISTENT, not only by myself but with other people).Your URL (http://www.janiqueel.com) leads to nothing. Perhaps you may be a victim of the Anonymous Collective hacker group that has recently plagued Singapore so perhaps you should report to the relevant authorities as soon as possible because your professional blog deserved to be up so as not to shake your potential sponsors’ confidence.

We have also determined that the quality of your writing is not in line with our PR strategy and professional image, as we are extremely uncomfortable with you recent headline “Pube-like hair tamed at Estique” in your blog/facebook. Also you submitted info & stats on your traffic is way below our expectations. Therefore your new proposal for a contra deal needed further contemplation, leading to this unfortunate lapse on our end to reply you in a prompt manner.

I think someone who is asking for sponsorship should never be rude (even if you do not get a favourable reply in the expected timing) so maybe you may have accidentally omitted the word ‘not’ in front of the words ‘a jerk’ when referring to me. But I am inclined to believe that you really meant to insult me because your next line was nothing short of an intimidating threat to damage our business reputation. Do correct me if I am reading you wrongly.

Our lawyers have therefore advised us to monitor your future posting (once your blog is up and running again). We have also been advised to report your email threat with the authorities. Perhaps to seek legal redress later on.

I may also bring this up to the local blogging community and mainstream media (which I am very familiar with) to seek advice if this is common practice among the blogging community to aggressively intimidate the business community to gain sponsorship.

I am sure full disclosure from both side of the fence will benefit both communities as a whole.

I look forward to your reply.

Your sincerely,
Conrad Chua
(On behalf of Lacoco Korean Hair Salon)

Update on 12/11, 7pm

Janice Leong posted on her Facebook. She thinks we’re 3-yr-olds.


A reader did offer a good suggestion to find out if she was really hacked.


Poor Janice. You should have just apologised instead of coming up with this excuse. Till now, no sound no sight about the police report. Her blog is reinstated.


On a random note, met up with the group on Saturday. One of them said, “What’s with your #ootds, trying to be a popular blogger ah? So little likes only….”


Geez, people who want to be popular are better off posting selfies showing boobs or smth, not #ootds leh.

Gotta admit I was quite pissed off, and so I blocked this person on Instagram. Don’t like, don’t see, don’t comment. Everyone’s happy! Hard to please everyone so I’m just gonna please myself.

FYI, there’re many types of bloggers on the market.

There are those who 1) post selfies of themselves all day (lots of followers cause they are good looking), those who review stuffs, those who teach you stuffs and many more.

Not all bloggers have hordes of followers. There are actually bloggers who work hard and blog out of passion so as to benefit you, the reader.

Have a good Tuesday ya’all :)



  1. This is how some magazines run their stories. I know of a gay footballer who was forced to “come out” in a magazine and show off a picture of his then-boyfriend because they informed him that they had photos, and would publish the article anyway, but wouldn’t be so kind to him.

    • Thank you! I also didn’t know I was sending out the vibe of wanting to be popular by posting occasional selfies or ootds! Glad someone understands :)

  2. I believe her blog is hacked :(. No conscious one could ever do such a thing. btw, Checking email Ip has no point. Anyone an use incognito window on Chrome to send that email.

  3. I also had an incredibly unpleasant experience with Janice with the company I work for. Not only did she not follow through with even half of what she initially proposed, but some of the products she was given were never blogged about at all. Not to mention her lack of tastefulness when promoting a brand. Since she did not come through completely, I requested she bring the articles back and not continue with the blogging, however she distastefully told me she would not.

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