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Was sorting through my photo albums on the lappy and came across photos from last year’s trip to Taipei. It was my first trip overseas alone with B and I was extremely excited. But… was kinda depressed throughout the trip because of my face.

*Warning: graphical photos below, please exit right now if you don’t want to puke*

I have a skin condition called Rosacea diagnosed by a dermatologist. In Nov 2012, my face was breaking out, peeling & whatever all at once. It’s extremely painful and itchy and I couldn’t keep my mind off it.

My confidence was a negative 100% and I wanted to dig a hole and hide my face in it.

Here’re some shots taken with a DSLR. If you’re keen to find out what happened before I got to this stage, I wrote about my extremely frustrating skin journey here.


When I came back to SG, I took the plunge to go see another dermatologist. I was so tired of being hopeful whenever I see a new doctor and having that hope crushed when they diagnose me with the same condition.

Truly thankful my derm from NSC managed to help me this time and she diagnosed me with not only Rosacea, but also Seborrheic dermatitis. That kinda explains why my skin did not get better using the Rosacea meds as they worsen the symptoms of the dermatitis.

So she treated the Seb derm first, and then tackled the rosacea. It worked.

I’ve stuck with a routine which works for me, or at least doesn’t aggravate my condition for the last couple of months. My skin’s not perfect now (still far away!) but I’m keeping my fingers crossed on it getting better.

Am still left with many reddish flat marks but thankfully no pitted/icepick scars. Still not comfy taking photos with DSLRs now but I’m putting these up for a fair comparison.

Current routine (at the time of this post)

Am sharing what I am using so fellow rosaceans / people with sensitive skin can try them out!

CleanserBioderma (sensitive)
This is the best cleanser/makeup remover ever. You pour some on a cotton pad and wipe your skin. That’s it. No need to rinse. This cult french beauty product is one I can’t live without.

TonerHada Labo Lotion (Sensitive). The normal one breaks me out.

Moisturizer – nil

Mask – Alternate between Neutrogena / Hada Labo moisture masks. 3 times a week. Sometimes I slap on Laneige Water Sleeping pack before a special day.

Exfoliate – Organic home made yoghurt oatmeal mask. This made a major difference. Many beauty gurus swear by it.

SunblockLa Roche Posay Anthelios AC 30. Best sunblock ever recommended by Derm.

Supplement – Also been taking collagen supplements to moisturise from inside out! Not sure if they’re working but the brand I am taking is Meiji Amino Collagen.

Note: I am currently under the care of Trinity Medical Centre. For posts related to Trinity Medical Centre, click here.


    • Hi dear, after visiting my derm, she gave me some prescription creams (steroids) and anti dandruff shampoo which I used just for a while to help my skin.

      Thereafter, I’ve stuck with a routine of using Bioderma to cleanse my face, no toner/moisturiser and masking 3-4 times a week (Neutrogena/Hada Labo) to replenish moisture. No spot treatments/acne treatments cause they only made my skin worse.

  1. I’m glad your skin’s better! I had nasty breakouts when I was 15. Went to see a dermatologist and it got slightly better. Now that I’m 20, it got worse. Headed to another dermatologist and was even prescribed doxycycline (side effects, unfortunately). But I spend $200+ each month, so I’m planning to change my cleansers. I think I’ll take a look at the products as listed on your blog! :)

    • Hi Pris! I took doxy for 2 years. Works like a dream but when you stop, be prepared for vengeance. It comes back worst, every single time.

      I believe most skin problems start when our skin barrier is compromised (when I started stripping my skin of moisture when I first had some spots), thus to use as little products and focus on building back that moist barrier would def help.

      And of course, a good derm is hard to find. I recommend Dr Priya Sen from NSC if you’re still planning on finding a derm for your skin. Good luck dear!

      • Okay, thanks! By the way, what make-up do you use? I seldom use them as I have sensitive skin. Bummer!

      • Well.. I don’t wear skin makeup (foundation) on normal days unless I’m going out to events and such. But when I do need some coverage, I use Garnier’s miracle skin perfector. It’s pretty good for me. Sort of a light bb cream that provides a light coverage for fair to medium skin :)

        I don’t use concealers for spots cause they tend to clog my pores. Best to steer away from thick foundations/powders if you have sensitive skin!

      • I was prescribed doxycycline for several months, too. I had to stop though because I made the mistake of not taking enough water with it. One day, I wasn’t able to wash it down with enough water and I developed GERD. It was the only thing that ever worked for me. :(

      • Hi,

        (Sorry if this is a duplicate. Didn’t see my earlier comment.)

        May I check if u are referring to which Dr lim from Trinity?

        Also, would u recommend me to visit Dr Priya at NSC or Dr LIM at Trinity first?


    • Try a low GI diet dear! Cut out foods that are too sugary. Heard it does wonders for acne. Good luck n do let me know if your diet thing works! :)))

  2. WOW! i I was having the same problem. Went to one doctor to another. Glad that the last doctor made a huge different. Now I’m using Egg pore shiny skin from Tony Moly and toner from my doctor. Now i broke out only when I’m on period. Still finding a toner as a replacement in case i used up the one from my doctor :)

  3. Could it be that you are allergic to something you are eating. This reminds me if the rashes babies get on their faces when their mother eat too much hot spice.

    Just a disclaimer: your face and your skin tone is not you. Your heart and your mind is you. That stuff is just the outside packaging. Hey am I saying this? Because I don’t think we should place all of our self esteem in our looks and what we look like. We all will grow old and no old person has perfectly smooth skin.

    I have ugly feet. It used to be my complex. Now I don’t care anymore. I have other assets that are lovely. No one ever notices my feet. I have a friend with lovely green eyes. She has acne. No on even sees her acne. They see her eyes and off course, her heart. I know in the east people place a ton if emphasis in looks, but insure you there I’d more to life than what the mirrors offers us daily. Don’t be discouraged.

    • Hey dear… I don’t think it’s a food allergy but the wrong products I used over the years contributed to this horror.

      I know beauty goes way beyond one’s face. But having this skin condition known as rosacea made me reclusive, unable to face others and my skin literally starts burning in the heat, cold, everywhere. I dreaded waking up everyday. Glad I no longer feel this way now cause I know what works for me now. Hopefully it gets better from here :)

      • I understand how you feel. It’s not as simple as that, right. And I wasn’t aware that the skin problem was painful. That must have been hell. So glad you are felling better. You look amazing!

      • I’m praying that you get better. I get cystic pimples on my jawline when I’m sick and nothing helps. Not squeezing. Not washing. Not spot zappers. Nothing. I must just wait it out until they’re gone. I’m blessed to not scar at all on my face. I scar so early everywhere else I my body so it must be a miracle. Sometimes when I get like that, I don’t even want to go out until they’re better. So I understand how you feel. Xox

  4. Hey Jenn, thanks for stopping by my blog. Getting clear skin is really a journey, once you think you’re there, a new “challenge” appears! I hope your current skincare routine is doing well for your skin :) I’ve also used Bioderma – amazing stuff this one. Clears all makeup at one go and doesn’t affect the skin at alllll love love love it.

  5. Wow, incredible! Ure skin is so beautiful- U look like a Snow White!!! And Ure post is so encouraging for me- I also have the same combination- rosacea with seborrheic dermatitis…. I know, how much it sucks! Now I’m pregnant, so I had to stop using the dermatological treatment and it get bit worst again(but still, not the way it was at the beginning). But in general for me dermatological treatment, Nd:YAG laser, good low GL diet, avoiding milk, and wheat helped a lot! Crossing my fingers for U and I’ll follow Ure blog from now on- I love it! Gratings from Poland!

    • I’ve been wanting to do more for my condition – eg try lasers but haven’t had the chance yet. I will look into this Ng:YAG laser you mentioned :)

      Thank you and merry christmas!

      • Ng:YAG was really ok for me with bigger telangiectasias (I had such around the wings of nose). I heard that for this general flushing in rosacea IPL works good (but for me unfortunately didn’t work much…)
        Merry Christmas and crossing my fingers for all the best results!:)

  6. Hey Jenn! May I know how’s your skin care regime now cause I’m also a rosacea sufferer:( Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Hi maryanne

      Sorry I missed your comment :( My routine’s pretty much the same from before but I did add in some new stuffs.

      Cleanser – Bioderma (sensitive)
      Cetaphil gentle cleanser on days where I’m oily

      Serum – Skin Inc’s Vitamin A serum

      Mask – Alternate between Neutrogena / Hada Labo moisture masks 3 times a week. I don’t use a moisturiser cause they break me out

      Exfoliate – Organic home made yoghurt oatmeal mask

      Sunblock – La Roche Posay UV XL SPF50. And Shiseido’s multi UV protector SPF 50. I switch between the two depending on my skin condition that day!

      Other than that, I’m doing IPL with Trinity Aesthetics that helps with my redness :)

      Hope this helps :)

  7. Hey babe,
    So happy for you that your skin has recovered!
    I am also diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis by NSC, however, the doctor who attended to me just gave me steroid cream, said that it will heal my face and discharged me. My face did get better but it is still red and full of those little oil bumps with occasional acne. But I am reluctant to go back to NSC as the doctor is inattentive to my needs.
    I would like to ask for your opinion on what I should do :/
    Also, may I know how is your experience with clarisonic so far?

    • hi dear, sorry for the late reply (was overseas!)
      I’ve stopped going to NSC cause their topicals can only do so much.

      I recommend you to try out my doctor (Dr Lim) at Trinity Medical Centre (Tel: 6344 0027). I find the problem with most doctors is that they don’t really listen to your concerns and usher you off with a cream/drug. Dr Lim could tell me what I was suffering from and provided good advice. You got to know though – Seb derm is a chronic condition, you can treat it, but it will come back at some point. Find a good doctor and stick with it. I’m doing IPL for face now, which helps with my condition :) Will be blogging about it after a few sessions :)

      The clarisonic sucked though, gave me red and oily skin. Not so good for ppl with sensitive and temperamental skin. I gave it to my mom with a new brush-head :)

      • Hi, sorry, may I ask which doctor lim is that? Found that there are two doctor LIM on the website. :)

        How much per visit?

        Also, would u recommend that I visit Doctor Priya from NSC or Dr LIM from Trinity?


  8. Thanks for sharing :) I was diagnosed with the same conditions you mentioned but I also have acne, so I’m going to try some of the tips you suggested. I totally understand the frustration of having bad skin – it really gets you down. I’m having really bad dandruff right now and it’s really getting me down. Could you talk me through what you did to get rid of it?
    My dermatologist is supposed to be really good, but I feel like she doesn’t listen to me, and barely sees me for 5 minutes each time :(

    • Hey dear! For my scalp problems, I saw a trichologist who shared with me some tips on how to control dandruff. Apply shampoo only on the scalp (many ppl apply it on their hair and not their scalp) and conditioner is only for hair roots, not for the scalp. Many times our hair dries on the outside but when the inner is still damp and we tie our hair up or sleep, this will exerbate dandruff problems. Use a hair dryer on low cool heat to ensure your hair dries off totally after bathing. The sun kills bacteria so get some sun daily and it will help your scalp too.

      One thing I find especially helpful for my rosacea and sebb derm is to stop all dairy and flour intake. I itch alot esp after taking milk and bread or cheese. Try to eat clean and see if it helps improve your condition :)

      • Hi, I am having the same skin conditions (serb derm & rosacea). Visited few dermatologists in NSC/MtElizabeth where I was recommended for steroid creams. These creams were able to suppress redness on temp basis.

        I am looking for Doctor recommendations and saw your blog. Can you let me know which Dr.Lim you are suggesting (below website does not have female Dr.Lim).

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