Weekend – Sauce/ Harry’s/ Habitat Coffee/ The Prata House

Met up with Skye for dinner on Friday night at Sauce Bar (by The Butter Factory) at Esplanade. He recommended the place for it’s awesome food and affordable drinks. Was nice to just sit down and catch up over beer and good food :)

The truffle fries and meatballs are quite good IMO *thumbs up* Their fries came in a thick cut, which I usually do not like, but I finished the whole bucket (that’s how much I liked it)

A set of meatball pasta and cocktail cost approx $24. Good for guys who are bringing their dates out on a slightly tighter budget. Plus, the da:ns festival is just around the corner… loved the atmosphere :)

Can’t wait for nard to be back so we can all hang out again \(◦’⌣’◦)/


*I see a resemblance to Miley for the photo on the extreme right*

After dins, I hopped over to join B, Leps and his friends. We headed to TCC at Robertson Quay but it was packed (cause it was pouring). We settled for Harry’s instead. Great to finally meet B’s friends Clement & Ming Tjun :)

Quite funny cause they kept using flash on our face when we’re doing some selca-ing :)



And stalker Alan turned up in his dashing biker jacket. And I love his friend Ophelia cause she said I look about 21 when Alan asked her to guess my age. *MAJOR LOVE no matter she was just being polite or not*

Saturday passed by in a blur… shopped at Forever 21 and B psycho-ed me to buy an aztec print dress that he liked. But it was pretty nice so I got it in the end. Sometimes I do find their stuffs overpriced for the quality… Settled with Wendy’s for dinner and headed to Swee Choon for supper. Hung out, watched an old movie and called it a night :)

Sunday was also a catch up day. Headed over to Habitat Coffee (Upper Thomson) with Emi. And once again, I can’t help myself when there’re truffle fries on the menu. Too addictive… 2nd time in 3 days!

Had a really great chat. Thank you for hearing me out and giving me great advice that I can use right now :)

Habitat Coffee_Singapore

Went to find B afterwards and we had supper at The Prata House. First time trying it and we loved it!

The prata was super crisp and fluffy and the curry was thick and spicy. A little pricier than your normal prata but it was money well spent! We ate this much and the bill was only $11 (also ordered drinks that couldn’t fit into this pict)

Aaaaaaaaaand that pretty much sums up my weekend. Weekends are really all about finding new stuffs to eat nowadays. Really have to get my gyming plan started again.

Despite all the bad news in these few days, I feel very loved by all my friends. I am also thankful that my breakouts from using the Clarisonic are better after using it less (using once/twice a week now). Shall monitor and see.

Looking forward to meeting Bernie & Su soon! Super excited bout their wedding plans! And yes, that’s another motivation for me to start losing weight and looking great – to be the prettiest bridesmaid for their weddings! I already have my shoes ready for future weddings, which I will share soon after picking them up this weekend :)

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