A day out at Thomson

Feeling pretty down the past 2 days. Had some sort of allergic reaction and woke up with spots on both cheeks on Monday morning. It was very red, itchy and of course I had to go scratch them and make it worse.

Had to miss supper at Bedok 85 on Monday night because I was too embarrassed to see anyone :'( Luckily Michie passed me some antihistamines and it pretty much took the itch away. But the redness remained and I am as red as a TOMATO *urghs*

Sigh. Crossing my fingers and praying for it to go away :”(

Anyway, managed to spend the Tuesday holiday enjoying lots of food with love. We had Cze Char at Nam Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant (Upper Thomson) and it was really cheap!

They specialise in Chicken so it’s a must-try! Total bill came up to $21 only. Way cheaper than the Chicken rice shop in Far East plaza (though their rice is really very nice) And the soup is like darn tasty… I must have it again soon!

Nam Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant_Thomson_Cze Char

And then we walked along Thomson to look for a nice place for coffee and dessert! The boy remembered his favorite childhood cake shop nearby – Dino Cake House & Cafe.

Their specialty chocolate cake ($2.80) is light and fluffy (though not chocolatey enough for my liking) and their cheese tart ($1.80) is super creamy and melts in the mouth! I prefer the cheese tart :)

&&& most of their birthday cakes only retail for…. $16!!!

You tell me where to find decent birthday cakes for $16 nowadays?!? Cake menu here
(Next time I am gonna buy birthday cakes for friends here heh)

Dino Cake Shop_Thomson_Chillout_place

We decided to walk to Thomson plaza and shop at Fairprice to get some ingredients for dinner. There’s really nothing much at Thomson plaza except for Starbucks and Fairprice..

Anyway, here’s my first attempt at doing eyeline using a liquid liner. It wasn’t easy and I had to redo it so many times! And even after re-doing it many times, it was still uneven. I will just stick to my crayon liners. Anyway this black is too dark for my brows.

Even after filtering, my cheeks are still reddish URGHS


We headed home and prepared dinner… and the boy made his signature… Cha Soba with Mayo!

It really didn’t take much – just cook the soba and dip it in cold water afterwards, get some kewpie mayo and toast some ham. But he managed to make it look good so *clap* for good effort. Super sinful meal but we enjoyed it :D

Home cooked meal_Jap_soba_ham_Sushi

Also made brownies but it didn’t look good so no pictures. But they tasted awesome so I am gonna aim to make them prettier the next time round!

Oh Tuesday, why did you have to pass so fast?

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