Weekend x Braologie Promo

Hello guys, how did your weekend go? I spent most of mine eating again :)

For Friday’s date night, the boy and I wanted to go have some Thai food but it closes early and we didn’t want to risk it. Settled for some good old Fish&Co. I really love the fried swordfish and tasty rice combi! Super sinful but satisfying.


Fish & Co scallops

We walked around Bugis street afterwards in search of some fashionable stuffs, but didn’t really find anything nice. #toooldforbugis


Saturday night out with the guys… There’s nothing quite like a bowl of piping hot Ba Kut Teh to warm the soul. Favorite Song Fa Ba Kut Teh at Clarke Quay :)

Time to look for a new Ba Kut Teh place cause it’s quite overpriced.
Songfa Ba kut teh_Clarke quay

On Sunday, we went out with B’s daddy & mommy and explored new places for food! :) Ate awesome fried carrot cake (and learnt about the rivalry of two stores), Char Kway Teow, fish soup, chee cheong fun and even gelato ice-cream at a hawker centre.

We also visited the rail mall and had some fun exploring the old tracks :D


He wants to be a train LOL

And that marks the end of my weekend. However, the good news is… this coming Tuesday is a public holiday! Looking forward to chilling out and getting more awesome food :D


And… also thought to let you guys know of a fantastic promo on-going at Braologie now :) They are one of my favorite people to blog for cause their products are fantastic and I really have to share good stuff with you guys.

If you have no idea what Braologie is, read my previous posts below:
Is your bra killing you?
Review on Braologie products
Review from my Braologie Give-away winner

Do you girls ever like put on a top/dress and take it off cause it didn’t look quite right with your bra? I wear a lot of tops which use materials like Modal / Lycra (quite figure-hugging) and get frustrated sometimes cause my bra doesn’t quite match whatever’s on top.

What I experienced ~ scallops fats underneath the arms and fats spilling out from the sides/back from overly tight / thin straps. They make sleeveless dresses / figure hugging tops look gross on me!
(In case you were wondering, I’m not the model below!)


Braologie has a bra support named ‘Bracie’ which is perfect for this problem! You wear the Bracie with your regular bra, and it helps to 1) support your back 2) give you better posture and 3) enhances your cleavage without trying too hard. To read more about the Bracie, click here

The Before & After shots below are self-explanatory! Basically, what the Bracie does is push all the fats into the ‘right areas’. I personally wear my Bracie (first generation) and really find that it makes a lot of difference to my posture and cleavage.


& the promo from now till 25 Oct is… $19.99 plus free worldwide shipping!
U.P: $39.99 excluding shipping.

Super awesome deal!! Click here to go to their site and enter discount code upon checking out!

Shop Braologie now


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