Rant x skin woes

Okay, I really need to rant today. Please exit now if you’re 1) not in the mood for a rant or 2) gonna judge me

Stop breaking out you stupid skin! I’ve had enough of you!!!

Here’s why I feel so frustrated of the never-ending battle with my skin:

  • Starting breaking out in small bumps at 18/19
  • Started having persistent redness on my forehead, cheeks and chin
  • Tried many over the counter products but only made it worse
  • Developed into whiteheads/blackheads/red bumps all over (super gross)
  • Didn’t have the budget so went to see General Practitioners
  • One told me I had Acne and another told me I had Eczema. (Dear doctors, these two conditions are on the extreme opposite ends. Did you really graduate from medical school?)
  • Applied topical meds, took oral meds to no avail
  • Bought accutane, had no balls to take them due to severe side effects

Fast forward to 21:

  • Saw my first dermatologist at Mount Elizabeth Hospital
  • Diagnosed me with Rosacea, a chronic condition that had no cure
  • Started me on topical meds which targets rosacea
  • Great improvement and skin became much clearer after months of hard work
  • Boom! One day I woke up and had a full face of outbreaks again
  • Feeling despondent, I decided not to go back ever since


  • Went to a Derm at a public hospital and got told: “Your rosacea is very serious. Take pills, no doubts about it!”
  • Bought the pills and skin products but did not use them
  • Started on TCM to recondition my body
  • Went to National Skin Centre and saw another Derm
  • Doctor diagnosed me with Rosacea and Seborrheic dermatitis
  • Treated the seborrheic dermatitis first and it went away
  • She suggested IPL if the topical meds didn’t work
  • It worked. Skin got a lot better and on my last visit, she told me I don’t need IPL cause it doesn’t even look like rosacea anymore
  • I started masking quite intensively cause I realised it made my skin better
  • The key I found, is hydration

So… why am I ranting today? Isn’t everything good now?

After all these years of struggles & pain, I am finally seeing some positive results. Many friends have also told me they saw an improvement. And I think I just destroyed it… by buying a clarisonic! #whyIsoitchyhandsfml

It’s been 2 weeks since I started using the clarisonic and I see all the nightmares coming back. Oilier skin, active breakouts (which I haven’t had in months!) and more exemplified redness using the same routine, just adding in the new clarisonic.

I read online that many people go through a purging phase when they get on the clarisonic cleansing system and that it is normal. I hope this nightmare will be over soon. I don’t wanna spend $200 on a face brush and destroy what I have improved over the past few years.

God… help me please OMG. I don’t have the energy to fight anymore. Pls skin, pls just be good now and be done with the purging soon! Gonna monitor and see. If not the clarisonic is going into the bin!! I will throw you away you monster rwarrrrrrrrrrrr

Okay, done with ranting. Feeling better now. Need to do some zen meditation tonight. All this worrying is giving me wrinkles.



  1. I’m glad to hear you’re using a moisturizer now. Hopefully you’re just using your Clarisonic at night- no need to cleanse twice a day especially if you’ve got sensitivity.

    Look for moisturizers with rose absolute, chamomile blue, lavender, or marigold- all of which are healing. They’re often put into products for people with rosacea, psoriasis, after chemo, etc- as they help with healthy skin cell turnover.


  2. You should consider a really good naturopath. They get to the root cause rather than treating each symptom. It could even be parasites causing the issue. Antibiotics etc simply mask symptoms & push it back into the body rather than treating the illness.

  3. You can try taking collagen. My sister have very bad outbreak. The doctor gave her antibiotics but the pimples does not subside. We tried collagen and amazingly, her pimples reduced in a week. After 1 month, her pimples almost all gone, pimples scar and freckles lighten. Her dry legs problem resolved too.

    • Hi Jo! Thanks for the advice, great to hear collagen works for your sister!
      I am already taking collagen (Meiji), what brand did your sister take? Care to share?

      I stopped antibiotics, instead, I started moisturising by masking a lot, and taking collagen and hyaluronic acid supplements. It helped a lot.

      I am breaking out now due to using the clarisonic, which I have lessened the usage for the time-being for now! hope the breakout goes away… :(

  4. I feel your pain! I don’t have rosacea but I have been battling w acne for years and have found I get better results, less breakouts, less oily skin when I use the Clarisonic no more than 2x a month. When I used it every day it only made things worse.

  5. Fell sorry for U- that’s so frustrating, to wait that long to get proper diagnosis… I had a bit similar situation- when I wanted to get dermatological help for my skin at high school and university I always heard it’s acne and I have been getting topical treatments which didn’t work, more over it have been making my skin dry and extremely sensitive… so finally I gave up dermatological consultation for like 5 years and I thought it just have to be like it was- but one day accidentally I found grate dermatologist who diagnose my actual condition properly and start curing me effectively- finally:) it’s far from perfect, but so nice to see it works! Now I had to make a brake because of pregnancy, but anyway I feel more confident knowing that’s it’s possible to cure it.
    Hope the Clarisonic will finally do it’s proper job for U, and make Ure skin even more perfect!

    • Thank you for your kind words dear! I think what’s impt is to find the right dermatologist who can diagnose our conditions accurately. Congrats on your pregnancy and hopefully you can start on your skin regime again after giving birth!

  6. I feel your frustration…i have been fighting for rosacea for the past two years. been on medication since. Do you mind sharing whether TCM helps on getting the condition better? Tq

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