Weekend x SG Flight Simulations

Hello guys! Got an email from a reader after I posted an Instagram photo 2 days back so I’d thought to share more about it on my blog :) This is not a sponsored review.

My boy is an aircraft enthusiast and like every other guy, dreams of piloting an aircraft and soaring high. But well, not everyone gets that chance so I thought to give him a surprise by bringing him to a flight simulator for an experience at SG Flight Simulations :)

A personalised boarding pass

Our instructor for the day was Mr Alex Tay, who was very friendly & knowledgeable. We met our instructor about 20 minutes earlier than our scheduled timing and he chatted with B a little, perhaps to get to know him better and liven up the mood :)

Cute seats! Very excited B waiting for his time to board

We walked into the cockpit and got settled in. The instructor started with some basic terms that sounded really tough to understand (for me), but B seemed to understand them all. I did catch some occasional words like miles, gliding, knots? Okay, ignore me. I’m probably not even spelling them right..

Anyway, the flight starts from the Changi Airport runway and a pre-flight check and take-off is the first task :) The instructor was encouraging and constantly checked if he was coping well.

They say a focused man is a handsome man. But this man knows he’s being secretly photographed by me and finds time to turn around for a shot despite millions of buttons he needs to look at! #sovain


Just look at all these controls! It’s very real and intimidating when you have 9199012 buttons in your face.

Pretty sure if I were the one in the pilot’s seat, I’d be spending most of the time looking confused…


Too many things happening on the screens at once

Watch Instavideo here

Overall, the boyfriend rated it as a very good experience though it’s a tad expensive at $99 for just 45 minutes. BUT, it’s still way cheaper than the other flight simulator operator in SG though, which charges more than $200 for 45 minutes.

This could be a good gift/surprise if your other half is crazy about flying / planes. Sure, it doesn’t beat the real deal but for the experience of having so many buttons in your face, it’s definitely worth a try.

You can either buy a boarding pass from their website and it’s valid for a year, or just reserve a slot via phone and make payment on the actual day will do :)


Orchard Central
Singapore 238896
TEL +65 6634 2797



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