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Hello lovelies :) Recently I’ve been watching Masterchef… If you haven’t heard, it’s a show that has a bunch of home-cooks (non-professional cooks) competing against each other and winning the title of Masterchef. They learn new tips and tricks every week and from their competitors as well. And of course, looking at all those food got me really hungry and inspired to whip something up as well.

And so today… I made some seared scallops with potato wedges seasoned with paprika, oregano and lemon pepper. Best accomplishment so far cause I don’t even know how to cook rice to be honest.. Goes to show I learnt a lot from the show!

#goodtips #gordonramsayisawesome

IMG-20131005-WA0010 (1)

Anyway, I really can’t stand Krissi Biasiello (a.k.a The Beast) from Masterchef Season 4. Such a meanie. Everyone in the competition hates her and she’s not wanted on anyone’s team. She may be able to cook, but what’s the point if no one celebrates your success? Good to see her being sent home at Top 4. Phew! See her many faces here!


And also, today I’d like to take the chance to introduce you guys to…

A Jolly Giant
A Jolly Giant
A Jolly Giant

They do customised gifts for loved ones on special occasions :D Perfect for those who are out of ideas on what to get someone, be it for a monthsary, anniversary, valentine’s, birthday, graduation, farewell for studies etc!

To order/enquire what kind of special gifts you can customise for your special someone, contact their friendly owner, Ms Benita Lim, at ajollygiant@gmail.com :D

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