I’ve been thinking lately.

Is there really someone out there for everyone?

You know… the one you click with instantly. The one who completes your sentence and know what’s on your mind. The one you never get tired of. The one you want to spend your life with, forever.

The perfect scenario in most of our minds: Meet that someone, fall in love and live happily ever after. Does that happen?

I have friends who are past their suitable ‘marriage age‘.

They have:

  • Successful careers ☑
  • Great family ☑
  • Great friends ☑
  • Relationship wise? Empty.

And the clock keeps on ticking.

Thinking out loud… If I happen to be single way past my ‘marriage age’… do I settle with anyone who comes along or do I keep on waiting?




  1. I know what you mean, that thought went in and out of my head for a while till I met “the one”. The one isn’t perfect. Love isn’t perfect. It’s about how you can embrace the imperfections and see yourself with that person, and of course, the feelings must be mutual.
    Never settle! Cos you’ll never know when the right one will be here.
    The thing is you’ll never know when or where or how the right one will be here for you, but don’t lose faith, just believe in yourself and trust your instincts :) <3

    • Love your phrase here .. ‘The one isn’t perfect. Love isn’t perfect.’ :)

      Many people don’t have the guts to keep on waiting because they don’t want to be left on the shelf..

      Hoping I won’t be in that position in a few more years to come :)

  2. My random thoughts in response to this

    “The one” is a modern cultural construct.
    Just because you meet someone that you click with, doesn’t mean that the relationship doesn’t need work.
    Arranged marriages have a higher success rate.
    In this day and age, everyone is busy. If you wait, life will pass you by, be proactive.

    • Hey Hamish :)

      That’s a good perspective there too.

      Many ‘love’ falls apart when it becomes ‘marriage’. Love alone isn’t enough and it certainly takes effort to keep a relationship going.

      Personally, I wouldn’t agree to an arranged marriage cause the odds are too high. I am not even at the marriage age yet but I certainly will be proactive when I need to :)

      • I just find it interesting the methods that we’ve decided are outdated work better than the ones that our modern minds find barbaric. At the same time, I wouldn’t want to be in an arranged marriage either.

        I think “love” falls apart, because people are not prepared to put in the work that a marriage needs, and because our culture has taught us that love looks a certain way… which it only does in the first few months of a relationship. Relationships are constantly being redefined. Good luck!

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