Think about our boys // Support NS (MINDEF)


NS is a topic close to heart. I’ve never been through it, but my guy friends, girl friend, partner and boyfriend did.

When everyone went to BMT, all they talked about during meetups was NS. Their convos go along the lines of girls – training – girls – shooting – girls – IPPT – more girls – booking in on Sundays … you get the drift. (Sometimes I really want to stuff their mouth with a piece of tissue okay)

And us girls will be like… omg army talk again? Please don’t start…

Looking back, I guess I couldn’t relate cause I haven’t been in their shoes boots. I also never really bothered to find out more about why they’re so excited about serving the nation.

So one day, I got an email from MINDEF and they’re opening up a tour for us to find out more about what our boys do. I was like OMG YES! We see the things they do in Ah Boys to Men but nothing beats being there in person right?

Our meeting point was in the Atrium at the Army Museum with the regulars who will bring us on a tour and let us know more about what they do and what goes on in the camp.

Customised tags for the bloggers to wear during the event

Jess, RY and I were one of the first few to arrive, so we started off with our army themed manicures!

I feel a compelling need to explain… I wasn’t abused! Bruise on lower cheek from wisdom tooth surgery a week before :'(

Chose the army (land) one cause I liked the camo prints :)

Cute boys listening attentively to the regulars explaining more

After interacting with the officers for a bit, the bus arrived and off we go for our tour around their training facility!

Entering the ‘Home of the Officer Corps’
OCS_Singapore_SAF_blog_Officer Cadet Corps_training_facility

Okay, gotta admit it wasn’t my first time being here but I always thought it looked like some sort of resort. There is so much greenery!

The compound is like a mini town, complete with different schools and areas.

Cadets marching past every now and then.
OCS_Singapore_blog_SAF_officer_cadet_corps _

And these obstacle courses can be found everywhere *shudders*
OCS_Obstacle course_blog_singapore

Our first stop was by the 100m Range I Shooting Range! Very excited cause quite recently, I aspired to be a sniper. *insert cool expression*

The boys being attentive while we were touristy and snapping photos

Sporty cadet agreed to pose for a picture. I just realised that his leg was in a cast while looking through the photos.. please get well soon!


Everyone all excited and waiting for them to ready their positions

Get set ready and FIRE! We were told that it’d be quite loud and to stand in the tentage and watch from afar for our own safety. These are real bullets they are practising with. It kinda sounded like fireworks and firecrackers from the place we’re standing :D

We wanted to try but nope, it was too dangerous and we’re not trained. Gotta try our luck at the Army museum shooting range instead!

Here’s a short clip for you to feel what I am talking about :)

Saw this huge bunch of cadets at the parade square while on the way to the OCS tower.

We stopped by the room where officers take their oath to serve when they first enter OCS. They recite the officer’s creed here, which I felt was something meaningful to do.
OCS_Officer's creed_Oath

The OCS tower! This tower is the tallest building in the West area and you get this really awesome feeling when you’re at the top.

And we took the stairs up of course….. just kidding. We headed for the lift right away. The officers who were with us took the stairs and they were on the top floor in like 2 mins? *bows down in respect* We heard the trainee cadets run up this tower quite a lot :)
OCS TOWER_climbing_up

We headed back to the Atrium and explored the Army Museum next! In case you’re keen, it’s free entry for Singaporeans & PRs (you tell me where to find this kind of good deal!)

From left to right: Me, Jess, Rusty & Ruiying

How an original bunk in the 1970s looked like
Tekong BMT_OCS_Army Museum

And I must recommend this shooting simulation game to everyone! These are real M16 and SAR21 rifles (with no bullets) which were really heavy by the way, and we learnt how to aim and shoot at the screen. We must have played it at least 10 times but I failed many times using the M16 rwarrrrrr #sniperdreamsdashed

And before we say our goodbyes… group photo with the friendly female officers who shared with us their experiences and answered many of our weird questions :)

& the male officers too :)


After this visit and learning so much more about what the boys do, I got to understand that it is indeed quite an exciting journey for our boys to embark on.

Their training schedules are pretty packed and it’s not easy carrying a rifle (which I can’t even lift at the shooting range) and backpacks and marching around. To be honest, I was wearing sneakers and a dress and I was already dying of heat stroke so I can’t imagine how it must feel like for them.

So to all mothers, aunts, sisters, girlfriends – think about our boys the next time you see them in their green/blue/grey uniforms. Give them some encouragement and don’t forget that they are doing this for our country… and us. Support NS and think about our boys! :)

At the boyf’s passing out parade. Shouted like a fangirl and braved thru hordes of smelly guys to be with him. So proud of him for making it through!

With Skye at his OCS D&D. Proud that he got company best cause he got A (for absent) for his NAPFA test. He became a great officer in the end :)

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