Cherie Fantasy: Ma Cherie – Majolica Majorca 2013


Sometime back, I attended an exciting combined product launch themed Cherie Fantasy held at MU Parlour, featuring both Ma Chérie & Majolica Majorca products!

I am sure you girls are not unfamiliar with these 2 Japanese brands cause they have been around in the market for some time, and you see them in your regular Watsons everywhere :)


Ma Cherie is featuring 6 new products in their Ma Cherie Autumn Launch 2013.
The key ingredient used in the Ma Cherie range is the champagne honey gelee, which accounts for the sweet scent in all their products! Products range between $16.90 – $17.90 and can be found in Watson stores :)

There are so many shades of pink… someone save me! ❤


Majolica Majorca is launching 2 new products for their Majolica Majorca Fantastic Fantasy Chapter 38 Launch.

The Lash Expander Edge Meister F, $25.90

Majolica Majorca’s Little Humming Book III, $25.90
The eye shadows are quite pigmented – view swatch on left with one swipe of the palette.

With Patricia from sweetestsins

And as if we were not lucky enough, we also had a blogshop take part in this launch and they gave out Goodie bags too! HERVELVETVASE //


What I brought home from the event. Isn’t my purple quilted bag from HVV gorgeous? :)

My review

I’ve used some of the new products for about two to three weeks now, and will be giving you my take on them! (Thanks to Ma Cherie and Majolica for gifting us with the products!)


Curl Set Lotion, $17.90 – ✮✮✮ stars
I applied this lotion on before curling my hair and realised my tresses smell really nice but my hair is still dry. But that could be cause I have dry frizzy hair to begin with. It’s not heavy on the hair and doesn’t weigh it down so I’d recommend this for normal to oily hair types.


End Cure Milk, $16.90 – ✮✮✮✮ stars
Okay, I really needed this for my brittle and dried-out hair! It has a lovely scent which really brings my mood up whenever I open the lid. Feels pretty light after applying and the scent lingers for a good few hours. The boyfriend can’t stop smelling my hair!


Lash Expander Edge Meister F, $25.90 – ✮✮✮✮✮ stars (Jenn’s recommendation)
To be honest, I really hate mascaras on the general cause they never ever come off my lashes despite rubbing till my eyes get red and pouffy! I stopped wearing mascaras since a few years ago and for any big events I will put on falsies. So I gave this a try and I was sold. You remove this mascara with WARM WATER – no need for any remover (CRAZY OR WHAT?)

Just go into the shower and rub them off your lashes gently. It comes off super easily! I was super blown away cause these claims never ever work on me. This is a must try if you hate getting mascara off at the end of the day!

Thank you, Majolica & Ma Cherie for hosting us that day! Had fun, and looking forward to newer products in the future :D

Do check out their Facebook pages here! They always have sales & promos going on so go and like their pages alright? :D

Majolica Majorca Singapore
Ma Cherie Singapore



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