Review: Happy Mookata

Hello! Visited Happy Mookata and here’s my review below!

The top 3 most popular mookatas I found online:

1) Tomyum Kungfu ✓ Click to read review
(16 Circular Road)
Mid-range Mookata. Sets to choose from but no buffet.

2) Happy Mookata
(#01-55D, Golden Mile Tower)
Ala Carte buffet at $23.80 nett. Selection of food is basic like meat, hotdogs etc

3) MooJaa
(25 Keong Saik Road – near Chinatown)
Higher end mookata. $32++ for ala carte buffet. Air-conditioned and less smelly.

So, let’s start!


There’s so many things I want to write about this place but I think I shall just bring up the main points and keep it short and sweet.

Happy Mookata is located in this very old looking shopping centre called Golden Mile Tower. It’s quite run-down and there are many weird uncles & Thai girls walking around.

I don’t recommend wearing shorts there, unless you enjoy being stared at. The outlet itself is located on the ground floor and it’s basically a shop front and the seats are located outside in the open area.

There were hardly any customers when we got there (7pm on a Sunday). They sat us down and we got started.

I really liked the bright gold mookata pot cause it’s so pretty but that’s all it’s gonna be – just pretty looking. The soup canal was very narrow/shallow and my spoon couldn’t get the soup out properly (which sucks cause I love soup)! Also, the bbq part doesn’t seem to heat up well and we have to wait pretty long to cook every batch of meat.

Happy_mookata_golden_mile_buffet_thai_mookata_singapore_blog_review (2)

They have a cooked food menu which was limited and a raw food menu which has a pretty wide variety. The cooked food came freshly fried every time you place an order but the wait is pretty long. The raw meats came in mainly two flavors – black pepper and garlic (chicken, pork and beef).

I recommend only the garlic pork and chicken cause they were pretty tasty. The other ingredients were pretty normal like meatballs, luncheon meat, prawns etc.

Happy_mookata_golden_mile_buffet_thai_mookata_singapore_blog_review (3)

One thing I couldn’t stand though, was that the guy who ran the place kept smoking, like right in the eating area!

I was like, trying not to be pissed off and tried to just enjoy my food and ignore the smoke but walau, he really disgusted me when he held his cigarette in one hand and delivered my food on the other hand. #nogutstotellhimoffintheface

In the 2 hours we were there, he smoked like 5 times. Being constantly in bbq smoke & cigarette smoke wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience…

Happy_mookata_golden_mile_buffet_thai_mookata_singapore_blog_review (4)

My conclusion?

Food was pretty normal, the place was out of the way and it wasn’t exactly as cheap as other people made it out to be. We paid $50+ for 2 in the end. I couldn’t stand the constant smoke that came not from the customers, but from the owner/worker. There are definitely other better mookatas out there and I won’t visit Happy Mookata again.

PS. Will be trying out MooJaa next after the boy is done with his IPPT… If he passes that is. Good luck B!



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