Quick guide to ordering coffee (like a pro)

Quick post guys! Read this somewhere and thought to write a post about it :)

I, for one, don’t know much about coffee but I do enjoy the occasional Starbucks. Gotta admit though, I am pretty much clueless when the person starts asking me whether I want it in Grande/Venti, caf/de-caf, whipped, no of espresso shots ya-da ya-da.

At Starbucks, I would tell the person “A Mocha Latte please” and they get me perfectly fine.

When I say “A Mocha Latte please” at the Coffee Bean Tea Leaf and they went “so Mocha or Latte?”

I’m like, what do ya mean =_=”

I try and repeat in a slower manner “.. I – want – a – Mochaaaa- Latteee-pleaseeee..” in the hopes that this would aid their understanding. But nope, it didn’t work out.

I NEVER EVER EVER dare to order new drinks to try cause I am really confused about all these okay!

So if you’re like me, just read the tips below!



1) No of espresso shots (single, double, triple or quad)
This is basically a concentrated shot of caffeine they put into your cup of coffee.

DID YOU KNOW: It doesn’t mean the bigger size you order, the more caffeine you get! At Starbucks, for hot beverages, Grande and Venti contain 2 shots of espresso each! … So if you’re really sleepy, ask for more espresso shots. 

2) Size (Tall, Grande & Venti)
Tall is the smallest cup, Grande is medium and Venti is large (for Starbucks)

3) Modifications (if you have any)
You can ask for less whipped cream, Decaf, less sugar etc

4) Type of drink – Mocha, Latte, Capuccino, Frapuccino
(Now I know why they asked me “Mocha or Latte”!)

Mademoiselle, can I have a Double, Tall, Decaf & Less whipped, White Chocolate Mocha please?

Have fun (and confidence) ordering coffee next time! :D



    1. I didn’t know that! Yeah, did a google and realised only their sizes are named this way, unlike other coffee joints :D Maybe they are trying to be ‘hipster’ hehehe

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