French Label celio* [Summer ’13 collection]

Bonjour madame/monsieur, Comment allez-vous? Good to see you poppin’ by guys (and ladies), cause I am really excited to introduce a french fashion label (at affordable prices) to you! Bonjour (Hello), celio*.



A little about celio*


If you thought this was yet another start-up brand, you might be surprised to know that celio* was founded in 1985 in Paris-France, and they have become the essential brand in men’s ready-to-wear and the leader in its market. Today, celio* has more than 1,000 stores in over 60 countries, located in prominent cities like Milan, Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, Taipei, Manila, Singapore and more.


Excusez-moi, do you know how hard it is to find clothes for guys these days? Take a look around the malls we have.. it’s largely dominated by female fashion, cosmetics, ladies shoes stores followed by food outlets.

If you’re lucky, you see 2 or 3 male fashion stores and that’s about it. Poor guys don’t have much choices here… Luckily, now you have one very good label to choose from!


Shopping for le boyfriend (or any guy) is a headache. There are several things to note when buying guy apparels:

1) The fit and cut
Not everyone is shaped like a model. Le boyfriend being broad-chested makes it extremely difficult for him to fit into the clothes from Bugis Street (which usually comes in one size) or local blogshops which usually carry S or M sizes.

celio* offers stuffs in different cuts – shirts with slim cuts/normal cuts, pants with straight or flare cuts and the sizes run from S-XL!


2) Quality & Price
Guys usually like to invest in stuffs that are of better quality but that would also mean the price gets really high. For the sake of you guys, I went to do a survey! Some of you may think streetwear is more affordable but is it really?

We’re looking at buying a shirt for an event – the quality should be reasonable and it should fit you smartly & perfectly.

Bugis Street _ Shirts cost anything from $20 to $50. A decent quality shirt costs $40 and upwards and it has no branding/label. Most shops also don’t have fitting rooms so we’re only able to try with our T-shirt on.

Tommy Hilfiger _ Shirts cost $130 – $220. Branded but the quality is reasonable (but doesn’t look like it’s worth that much). Too expensive to be buying on a monthly basis.

celio*_ Shirts start from $50 – $90+. Branded and comes with quality assurance yet doesn’t burn hole in pocket. (Great for a birthday gift as well!)

So, enough of talking cause you can’t really figure how the clothes look like when worn right? I specially invited a French-Singaporean model down to the store to model the clothes for you! (Just kidding, it’s le boyfriend, Mr B)

Outfit 1: The PUM (Polkadot Urban Male)
I matched a cute polka dot linen shirt, coral shade pants and a pair of denim shoes. I really love the color of the pants, cause they’re so funky yet classy at the same time. It’s in this rich coral shade you can look at forever and not get tired of.

Guys, a little tip for you – never ever match too many bright colors together in one outfit, unless you want to look like a Christmas tree. Get a statement piece, and make sure it stays as the statement piece in your whole look!





Outfit 2: White on checks
I picked a crisp white linen shirt with some fine details, checkered shorts and the same denim shoes (really love this versatile pair which goes with everything!)




And of course, I couldn’t resist cause the shirts are so comfy! Both the straw hat and the blue linen shirt are from celio*. It exudes a really chic and casual feel. I would totally wear this out for a Sunday brunch :D



And oh, do drop by the celio* showcase (located at Level 1 between 4fingers & Starhub at Plaza Singapura) and check out their summer 2013 styles before 31 Aug 2013!


And of course, for you dear readers… EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION!

Quote ‘Omy bloggers’ at celio* Plaza Singapura #03-41 store and receive a 10% discount on regular-priced items (valid from 1 to 31 Aug 2013)!

Check out their site here
Join them on FB here! Celio* Singapore



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