Been contemplating this for the longest time.. should I or should I not?

My eyelids are uneven – one side is double and the other is single/double (depending on luck on that day). To make them even, I have to stick on the double eyelid sticker, which works perfectly sometimes but fails terribly on some days.

What’s more, the eyelid sticker can be seen.. I want to do the surgery but I need more off days, and perhaps some courage. All I want is to be able to go out one day without makeup and still be presentable.. Decision decisions..




  1. You may feel like a freak with your double-eyelid/single-eyelid issue but truly, no one is probably going to notice. I have lots of problems with my face but people never care if they see it. Usually if I bring up my face flaws, my friends always say “if that’s your biggest problem, you have nothing to worry about.” Remember, someone else will always have it worse. So I suggest no doing surgery and embrace who you are unless if it interferes with your work and friends and keeps you from living a full and happy life.

    1. Actually, I feel okay with my uneven eyelids cause when I mentioned them to my friends, they told me they never really noticed! I guess it’s just my own insecurity and how I feel others will look at me… but thanks for your advice, I greatly appreciate it!

  2. My personal opinion is you look terrific as you are so why change? You are unique and surgery would just be telling your unconscious mind you aren’t good enough unless “perfect”. Honestly, I can’t really see anything noticeable so surgery seems unnecessary and drastic to me. Try embracing yourself for who you are and not chase after perfection. Just my two cents.

    1. There can never be perfection, I guess, cause a person’s desires are insatiable. Thank you for your heartfelt comments, really appreciate it :)

  3. I think you look gorgeous as you are. I know that this kind of surgery is more common in some parts of the world. But I’m more into embracing who you are and how you look like.
    It’s funny, cause now that you mention your “problem”, I just checked in the mirror – and my eyelids are uneven too haha…. I have never noticed, and no one has ever told me I have uneven eyelids. So I think that a big part of it is how you see yourself. If you want to find “flaws” in your face, there would be many, if you compare the perfect face with barbie or those photoshopped women in magazines…. right? ;)

    1. I guess we can either choose to accept ourselves for who we are or choose to nitpick at our flaws and be sad. Good to hear that you embrace natural beauty dear! Well, thank god for makeup like eyeliner or eyeshadow, which is a cheaper alternative to correcting these flaws without the pain!

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