Review: Tom Yum Kungfu Mookata

Hello guys! Recently visited the immensely popular Tom Yum Kungfu Mookata and really liked it :)

It’s my first time trying a Mookata styled steamboat so I can’t really compare it with others…. But I will list out the famous mookatas at the end of this post so read all the way till the end okay?

We picked the $38 set (good for 2-3 pax) which comes with pork, fishcake, prawns, pork belly, clams etc. In my opinion, the set was good and filling for 2 if you order rice to go along with the meal. For 3 pax to share with no rice, it will definitely not be filling enough.


Try their specialty Thai Milk Tea, very thick and sweet (and worth your every penny)


And… that’s us posing with our fried pork skin heh
PhotoGrid_1389588325842 (1)

Our full platter and pork lard. All ready for us to start!


In the first half hour, we ate with the original soup base. Soup tasted like any normal steamboat soup, although a little more oily due to the lard/oil flowing into the soup.


So I couldn’t wait anymore so we threw our packet of MAMA maggi in and the Tom Yum flavoured soup is so so awesome. I KID YOU NOT.

If you can’t get enough of the meat, order more! It’s $8 per small platter.

Overall, we paid $50+ for 2 pax, which was pretty worth it in my opinion. I would definitely visit again as the food is good and the service staffs are very friendly.

So… what are the other mookatas worth trying and what’s the difference between them?

We researched before going and shortlisted a few:

1) Happy Mookata (review here)
(#01-55D, Golden Mile Tower)
Cheapest. Ala Carte buffet at only $23.80. Selection of food is basic like meat, hotdogs etc

2) MooJaa
(25 Keong Saik Road – near Chinatown)
Higher end mookata. $32++ for ala carte buffet. Air-conditioned and less smelly.

3) Tomyum Kungfu
(16 Circular Road)
Mid range mookata. Sets to choose from but no buffet. Food quality is good which is why we chose to visit this first.

I can’t wait to try the rest of the Mookata restaurants! If you haven’t tried, don’t wait!


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