Dim-sum class with Su

Sharing some pictures from my Dim Sum making class with Su last Saturday! We learnt to make 3 types of DimSum – the Egg tart, Liu Sha Bao and Bo Luo Bao ❤

Su signed up for the class via a groupon deal here:

The trainer was from Oriton School. Their website here: http://oriton.edu.sg/

First up, egg tarts! The instructor said to use baking margarine rather than butter cause it’s easier to work with and has a higher melting point.


Instructor giving us a demo below. Basically, you have to roll out the dough, wrap the margarine in and continue rolling and folding. This is to create the many layers of crispy skin after it is baked in the oven! Very hard work for an egg tart!
CAM03491 copy

After rolling, roll it up into a spring roll shape and let it set for 20 minutes! :D

The custard required some preparation time so the instructor gave us ready made ones. It’s easy to do but best to do it the night before.
CAM03536 copy

Su did the filling in for the egg tarts really fast – Cause she’s a baker!
CAM03540 copy

And ahoy! Our cute egg tarts fresh out of the oven! ❤ And greedy Su devoured one immediately. I was surprised cause it tasted pretty good.. coming out of my own hands! *ALL HAIL CHEF JENNIE*

Up next, Liu Sha Bao!

The instructor taught us what to add to the mixer to make the bao skin :) She also added yellow coloring!

Someone was skiving during class ~

Everyone helped to cut up the dough and measured them into even pieces. We were supposed to flatten the dough and wrap the salted egg in it.


Placed them into paper cups and then aluminium cups to prevent the steamer from being messed up with yolk if the buns burst while steaming!
CAM03563And off they go into the steamer!


After 10 minutes of steaming… and we’re done! Can you spot some buns which have burst? The trick (according to the instructor) is that the skin cannot be too thin when you’re wrapping the frozen egg yolk and that the bao should be covered up properly, meaning no holes when you’re bringing it together.

I made one with a heart for the boyfriend :)

IMG-20130715-WA0004 copy

IMG-20130715-WA0005 copy

And lastly, the Bo Luo Bao!

Okay, the Bo Luo Bao may look simple but it’s not. The teacher made the dough once again in the mixer. We all helped to cut it up, measure them and started ROLLING.

What do I mean by rolling? Basically, you have to make the dough into perfectly round shapes by a rolling technique – by constantly putting your hand on the table and going in circular motion. It was pretty hard :( After rolling the dough, we bake them in the oven for a short while to let it rise first..
IMG-20130715-WA0033 copy

And then we start preparing the cookie dough topping on top. We had to flatten the cookie dough, and make cut out patterns on them and then lay them on the half baked bo luo bao in a really short time! We kinda failed and had an entire batch gone to waste cause we were too slow and the bao deflated :(



It was really hot in that kitchen, so hot that a student blacked out and hit the fridge with a loud bang. And smart me wore heels to the class (which I stood in for 4 hours straight). I had fun with Su at the lesson but I suppose I will forget about the steps soon enough!

I think making cakes are probably easier cause it’s not that hot! I shall learn how to make red velvet cupcakes next!


    • I suppose they taught us the easier ones! Savoury dimsums usually require cooking but this was more of baking and rolling stuffs. Easier for beginners I suppose! :D

    • hi 5! such a coincidence! yea, somemore I don’t have the right equipment to make the dough at home… let’s just buy the dimsum outside!

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