Review: SKIN CARES Showerhead for healthy skin

So.. I saw a product called SKIN CARES on Qoo10 the other day and I bought it to give it a try! It’s sold in Korean departmental stores and have been on Korean home shopping channels. I have used it for a week and will be reviewing it below :)

Okay, so this SKIN CARES product is basically… a shower head! Not just any shower head, it comes with an anion filtering system which filters out dirt and rust to provide us with clean water to bathe in. And clean water will give us healthy skin ❤

You always thought our water is clean, right? Cause the government says that our water is safe from drinking… But maybe not. As the boyfriend unscrewed the current shower head from the rubber hose to replace it with the new one.. ***CUE HORROR MUSIC*** I saw rust on the metal rims that connects the host and the showerhead! And that’s only the part I CAN see.. ever wondered bout the inside portion of the showerhead you can’t see?

What’s worse is I only bought this metal shower head last year. My previous one has been in use for like what… 5 years? Oh god please don’t tell me I have been bathing in bacteria and rust every single day. And sometimes I drink the water when I am bathing, cause I am very thirsty (don’t judge me please)…


Item came in a nice box. Instructions were all in Korean.. luckily it’s kinda self explanatory and not complicated to set up!
SKIN CARES_Korea_shower_head_brand_review

SKIN CARES_Korea_shower_head_brand_review2

SKIN CARES_Korea_shower_head_brand_review3

SKIN CARES_Korea_shower_head_brand_review4

It’s made from a hard type of acrylic / plastic but it didn’t look cheap. I like the calming blue color! The whole showerhead is see-through so it’s really cool. Reason for this is so that we can see the filter (the handle portion which looks white) and monitor it turning yellowish/brown before changing filters.

The showerhead is pretty sturdy and is quite heavy when it’s loaded with water.
SKIN CARES_Korea_shower_head_brand_review5

Let’s do an experiment that the seller themselves did in the ad.

Other than filtering the bath water. the SKIN CARES showerhead is also supposed to be helpful for those experiencing low water pressure in their homes (like mine!)

I turned on the water to the maximum strength and this is how my regular shower head looks like with full power. The water pressure is so gentle that you basically don’t feel anything much when showering. This makes washing hair really difficult… And it’s not cause it’s lousy quality or anything. This was like 40 – 50 bucks if I remember correctly.
SKIN CARES_Korea_shower_head_brand_review6

The middle portion is a stronger stream, while the sides are like water sprinkles. There are like 300 over holes on this regular sized shower head!

Comes with 2 free filters :D My filter has been in use for more than a week and it hasn’t turned yellow yet. I expect it to last for 3 – 4 weeks at least before I insert a new one :) The filter goes into the area where you hold the shower head (see photo above)

Overall, I really enjoy my bath now cause it makes me happy that I am bathing in clean water and the water pressure is stronger but the water remains really soft on the skin (I don’t even know how to describe this but you have to experience it yourself to get what I mean). Skin wise, it will take some time to monitor but so far, I haven’t gotten rashy after using this (which happens quite a lot to me esp after shaving, like every week).


Seller here if you’re keen!


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