Lisa’s Wedding l Furama Riverfront

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.

Attended Lisa’s wedding last night at Furama Riverfront :D

Am really happy that she found the right one and are walking towards their next phase of life together :) I was really touched by their wedding video and their dance down the aisle!


Instagrammed this photo the first instance I saw the couple :D

With my dearest dance peeps :D It’s been so long since we last met but it didn’t feel different or weird. We will always be one big family :) It wasn’t till Mr Tiang reminded me that we have known each other for 7 years that I realised that time flew by so quickly. But nevertheless, we still look the same (VERY YOUTHFUL) and do craziest things together :)

Gary, Kai & Kris

Please pardon my very ‘meh’ face in this post. Was down with flu & sorethroat and looked/felt really crappy.

Some of the dishes we had. Food was pretty good :)





We wished Yon happy birthday on Instavid! :)
Link here

And then we did the minion song :D BA BA BA BA BA NA NA BA BA BA BANANA POTATOOOO NAAAAAAA
Link here

Happy wedding dearest Lisa! As you get married, I wish you to enjoy the kind of love that grows and knows no end… May your married life be an inspiration to all the couples :D

Will update this post with more pictures when I receive them! :D


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