Weurstelstand – The last sausage kiosk before the equator


I’m sorry if you are reading this blogpost in the morning/night cause I am about to make you really hungry! Introducing *drumrolls* … Weurstelstand!

Located in Chinatown’s K88 Coffee House


Some items on their menu :)

Loads of tasty sausages!

Handmade austrian bread at really affordable prices!

We chose the onion bread to go with a smoked pork with cheese sausage. It costs about $6 for this portion. We just had lunch so we only got one to share :D

The onion bread was first and foremost, soft and fluffy and the chef panfried it a little when he was preparing the sausage. It’s really fragrant with no strong scent of onions (which I absolutely hate)!

And the sausage… I CAN’T EVEN… It’s really different from the normal sausages we have because the cheese oozes out so sensually you just want to savour it slowly and never ever ever ever stop. It literally speaks to you in a sexy Austrian accent (which probably is sexy cause I don’t understand) which tells me not to ever stop eating…

Alright, I gotta stop now cause it’s starting to sound sounding like a porno flick. But really, it’s truly one of the best sausage breads I have ever had. Even the tomato sauce they have is different!


So, how do you get there? Good question… I followed the boyfriend’s lead.. It’s pretty near the MRT station and just right beside this Chinatown square. Go ahead and try it alright! There’s a famous food centre right beside which sells very awesome food! more on that in a separate post! :D



Erich’s Wuerstelstand (Chinatown)
K88 Coffee House
Blk 5, Banda Street
# 01-52 – Stall no.5
Singapore 050005



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