Lazy Sunday

It was a hang-out-at-home day at the bf’s place yesterday.

We decided to watch Despicable Me again cause I kinda forgot the story and Despicable Me 2 is coming soon!

IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE ~ Agnes is so cute!!!

After the movie, the boyfriend wanted to do the Insanity workout.

What is this Insanity Workout?

It’s apparently some program that the boyfriend did when in army BMT that makes you tone up and slim down. And he did! So I am gonna trust him and we’re gonna do it together.

But hor, it’s really quite insane. You have to do it 40 minutes a day, for 6 days a week. I am just gonna try but I don’t think I will do it everyday lah.

Please don’t mind our sweat filled faces heheIMG_20130623_192923

After a good workout, we deserve a good meal. Headed to Pizza Hut for dinner! We had lots of pizza, garlic bread and drumlets! Thank you SAF for the free meal!

Also we wore our new couple-ish Superga out. Meant to buy them in the same color but there was only one pair of burgundy left. I picked sparkly silver instead. Quite nice.


Went home and he decided to be a barista. Capsule coffees are just so convenient! He frothed the milk with Nutella! Turned out really nice, can compete with Starbucks! :D

Discovered his tiny obsession with Jolin Tsai. He has a drawer full of her albums, books, Tshirt, nailart, bracelet etc! Fan boy much?

And here’s how we browse our social networks together, just cause we’re hipster wannabes! :D


That sums up our lazy Sunday. Hope you had a great one too.


  1. Bwahaha! The last pic is adorable :) I remember I used to listen to Jolin Tsai when I was in my primary school days.

    • thank you! yeah, it was long ago. I was crazy over the male groups like 5566, F4 but I listened to Jolin too! The good old days where music was actually good, compared to the ones nowadays!

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