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Today, I’m gonna share one website I spend alot of time… the chinese version of ebay, which is TAOBAO.

It’s a marketplace where you can find anything & everything. It’s also where most small blogshops in Singapore get their supplies from cause the stuff is so so cheap!

After online shopping malls like Gmarket / Taobao sprouted up, I realised I stopped buying as much as I used to from retail stores. Why buy from stores when you can buy similar ones much cheaper online?

What’s good about Taobao?

1) It’s relatively cheap because China’s currency is weaker. 1SGD to 4.60RMB

2) Quite easy to purchase through an agent.
My agent is 65daigou ( but there are many others on the market. Search for ‘Taobao Agent Singapore‘ in Google and you will find many offering this service.

What’s not good about Taobao?

1) Everything is in Chinese. Even I find it hard to search/read at time

2) If you buy something that’s ridiculously cheap, the quality is quite ‘meh’
(so reading reviews and buying from shops with ‘crowns’ awarded is a MUST for me)

Using an agent

1) You make your order with an agent and make payment for the items (excluding shipping charges)

2) They buy from Taobao for you (cause they have a China bank account and we don’t)

3) They ship your orders to their warehouse in China

4) Consolidate all your orders into one package

5) Ship them over using various methods – express air, economy air or via ship

6) You make a second payment when your goods arrive – Agent fees and shipping fees

7) Collection usually at MRT / their warehouse in Singapore

The exchange rate for agents differ. My agent uses exchange rate 1SGD = ¥4.60


Is it cheap and fashionable? Yes, let me show you some stuffs I found and their prices.

Pinafore dress
¥22 ~ approx 4.58 SGD


Ballerina top in black
¥14 ~ approx 2.90 SGD

Peplum tube top
¥19 ~ approx 3.95 SGD



High waist shorts (stylenanda style!)
¥39 ~ approx 8.125SGD

Men’s Top S$16


Taobao Stores you can try:

Many of you have been asking / emailing me to recommend some good Taobao stores so here you go. I bought from them before, but it doesn’t mean everything they sell is good okay. (Please don’t blame me if your clothing from them don’t turn out good)


2) Women & Women
3) 淇想城堡
4) Miss Kiko
5) 气质淑女原创女装店
7) 夏天回忆-Summer Memo
8) 美丽向前潮品店
9)  梦幻天使的城173可人
10) 批发站韩版 时尚女装
11) 72街女装
12) imi艾米时尚女装
14) OKAY
15) 欧美风基本款女装
16) 小金子美衣~日韩欧美
17) lunca
18) 雅倩潮流坊 时尚低价


1)  1983女鞋

Some tips for you

1) Only buy from shops which are reputable and has a blue or red crown rating

2) Only buy when the product has good reviews

3) Read reviews and be realistic on what to expect (many use model photos from Korea but the actual item looks different)

4) Don’t buy clothing which are too cheap to be true (learnt my lesson from those kind… like rags, can’t be worn) 35 yuan and above should be OK quality.


***Note: I have gotten many emails asking me to recommend shops in Taobao, what agent I use, how to buy etc. The info is already listed in this blog post, so please only email me if what you’re asking is not already mentioned below. I will respond when I am free!***


  1. I love to shop in taobao..but i feel searching through thousands of store is troublesome.. and my chinese isn’t that good..
    would you mind to suggest taobao store that cheap enough but provide good fashion.. i love those items that you choose :D
    or do you have suggestion how to effeciently search good fashion item ?
    Becsuse in taobao most of time when i try to search dress, all the tacky dress is came out first :(

  2. Hi dear, do you mind emailing me and giving me some good taobao shops that sells really trendy and nice clothes/shoes but not expensive. :(((

  3. Hi(: do you have any recomendations for cheap shoes and clothes? Like maybe creepers or inspired doc martens:) And can you tell me who is your agent? loads of thanks xx

  4. Hey!! I’m so glad I found this post and am glad you posted it! I’ve always wanted to shop on taobao but I always find it a hassle to use translators to type into their search bar to find whatever I’m looking for :( And whenever I do, all the clothes are for older ladies :( Could you drop me an email on shops you recommend on taobao that have really nice but cheap stuff for young girls/teenagers? Thank you so much! God bless <3

  5. Could you also drop me an email? I’ve been wanting to purchase a sweater from taobao but i don’t know how to…checked out 65daigou too but I don’t know which warehouse to choose!! Sry but I think I’ll need a step by step tutorial haha…Thank you^^

  6. Hi! Im wondering if the links you sent are the same as the ones you posted! If not can I have them too? Hehe thanks so much babe!

  7. So glad that I’ve came across your blog while trying to search how to order stuff from taobao! Your blogpost is really helpful but I wonder if you have a step by step tutorial on how to order from taobao through agents? :(

  8. Hi dear. Thanks for the post. Could you intro me some of the good sites that you shopped in other than those on the post? Appreciate it very much!! Thanks babe. :D :D

  9. Hi do you know anywhre in taobao to buy cutout waist dress or houndstooth set dress? Or any recommend?

  10. Hi there! How much does daigou65 charge for handling fees and typically how much are the shipping fees? I’ve always wanted to order something from taobao but it’s so confusing for me because my chinese is very lousy haha so I always don’t dare to do so lest I do something wrong and end up having my cash disappear somewhere :( Also, are we able to pay daigou65 through bank transfer? (I don’t have paypal). Thanks! :)

    • Hi dear, if my purchase adds up to abt 3kg, I pay about 30 bucks for shipping and agent fees. The amt differs n they will usually tell u when your goods arrive.. yes they accept internet banking, atm transfers too..

      I wouldn’t say they are the best or cheapest agent but I have used them many times n my goods always arrive so not too much of a worry!

      • I see…thanks for answering my questions so quickly! Just a few more questions if you don’t mind >< Sorry I'm still a taobao noob!
        1. When buying items we are required to select either the Guangzhou warehouse or the Shanghai warehouse. What difference does it make?

        2. We are required to choose between 4 shipping methods, namely Express Air, Economy Air, Special Air, and Sea. Is there any difference in additional costs between the 4 methods? And which one would you recommend?

        Thanks! :)

      • No probs Rach :)

        1. When buying items we are required to select either the Guangzhou warehouse or the Shanghai warehouse. What difference does it make?
        Jenn: China is huge and sellers come from different provinces. Let’s say I buy things from 2 different sellers, they will charge shipping fees to send the items to the warehouse. So choosing a nearer warehouse to the seller = cheaper shipping rate. Eg. My business is in Novena, so sending to Orchard will be cheaper than Pasir Ris. BUT, I don’t really bother and just ship all my items to one warehouse so Daigou forwards all my items over to Singapore once it has reached their warehouse.

        2. We are required to choose between 4 shipping methods, namely Express Air, Economy Air, Special Air, and Sea. Is there any difference in additional costs between the 4 methods? And which one would you recommend?

        Jenn: Yes, different prices for different methods. I usually go with Economy air when I am not in a rush :) their prices are stated here:

        Hope this helps :)

      • Ohhh okay I’m much clearer now, thanks! Just some final question to clear things up once and for all (hopefully):

        When I checkout, I’ll be asked to pay via this “prepay” option, which is essentially topping up money into my daigou65 account from my bank account right? So what I have to do is to just transfer money beforehand, key in the transaction number and other details, and I’m good to go yea?

        Also, the charges for the second shipment (from China to Singapore) can only be estimated right (like according to estimated weight of the item, we can get a rough gauge of how much international shipping will be from the Cost Calculator in daigou65’s website)? I won’t know the full amount until they charge it to me right?

      • Prepay means u can do the following:

        1) top up your acct so u don’t have to i-bank twice (once when u check out to pay for the items, and two, when it arrives and u pay for shipping n agent fees). I don’t deposit money into prepay cause I i-bank the exact amount and key in my transaction number at their website will do

        2) when the item you choose is bought when there’s a time sale (discount), daigou will refund the excess to you. you can use this excess amt to pay for your shipping fees :)

        Charges for the second shipment (from China to Singapore) is estimated. U won’t know the exact amount till it’s packed and ready to ship to SG. I use economy air and 3kg of goods cost me bout $30 incl shipping n agent fees. Clothes and accessories generally not heavy but shoes can be. My cousin’s shoes were 1kg ($10) in shipping alone cause they not only count weight but also volume (even packaging which takes up space is chargeable)


  11. Hi dear. Could you introduce me some of the good sites that you shopped in other than those on the post? Appreciate it very much!! (:

  12. Hi dear can you email me some shops that sells affordable and nice clothes for teenage girls? The clothes you chose up there are soo pretty! Thanks love!

  13. Thank you soooo much for your links! have been wanting to try Taobao but really baffled about how to even start, all that chinese links and stuff. :) Thanks!

  14. Hi can you email me a step by step guide/tutorial on how to order and such. Everything from how to order to where you find your stuff on your agents web to payment, receiving items and collecting them? Also can you tell me the prices of say the shipping fee, tax (or whatever extra charges)? Thanks!

  15. Hi, do you mind sharing the link of the men shirt as shown in your blog? would be glad if you could email me the link.

  16. Hi there is it possible to share with my the link for the Peplum tube top and
    Ballerina top in black?

    Thank you!

  17. Hello there! May I know where did u find the ‘stylenanda’ shorts on taobao? :D please send me the link. and other links that u didn’t post up hehe thanks a million ^^

  18. hi, you using what to pay the taobao stuff? if i don’t have card then what should i do?
    i have a blogshop, and i wanted to buy things from taobao to sell.

  19. Hieee, can you recommend some good and affordable sites on taobao other than those you mentioned on your post? (: does bugis street carry taobao items too?

    Hope to hear from you soon! :D

  20. Hi! can you please email me some good shops! not to expensive and good quality! Please :) thanks!!

  21. hi dear , i am not good in chinese , do you mind telling me good web where sell trend clohes as well as im fat maybe big size top all and stylenanda shoes all at cheap rate below sg10?

  22. hi dear, i have the same question as them. dont you mind to drop me an email too? i still cant figure out how to make a payment, shipping method, using agent and reliable seller/gd quality stuff. thanks!!

  23. Honey you are so helpful! Been trying to find some guide to purchase items from Taobao but the website raised more questions for me and it’s so confusing. Would you be able to send me the guide too? Thank you so much! Looking for bridesmaid dresses for my friends wedding!

  24. Hi,

    Any recommendation for children winter wear clothings and also looking for desigual jacket…

    Which shops more reliable. Thanks

    Best regards

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