Botejyu San

Botejyu San is an okonomiyaki, teppan-yaki and charcoal grill specialty restaurant with a relaxing and sophisticated atmosphere.


I like that the design of the place is simple and gives off a very clean vibe. The place looks decent enough for a casual dinner, but it’s definitely not an up-scale designer Japanese restaurant you want to bring your date to for a special dinner. The variety offered is limited and the price range is affordable, between $4 to $18 for most dishes.




What I like about this gyoza is it has a salty after-taste, and it’s panfried to perfection. I thought the boyfriend ordered a pie when it got delivered cause the skin stuck together at the top.

Chicken Steak Garlic Rice, $8.90

This dish wasn’t too bad. There was a generous serving of chicken which tasted pretty savoury and the garlic fried rice had just a hint of garlic taste, not too overpowering which I hate. My only complaint was that it was served on a hotplate, and that the hotplate was really oily at the bottom. I gave up eating the rice at the bottom as they were dipped in oil and looked extremely unappetising.


Seafood Okos, $12.90

Okos is a short name for okonomiyaki (Japanese savoury pancake containing a variety of ingredients). It’s basically made up of vegetables and flour and seafood and ‘fried’ on the tepanyaki grill. Pretty savoury and it’s a huge portion. The boyfriend liked it very much :D


I find Botejyu San an inexpensive restaurant to eat at for a casual date. The only con is the long waiting time after ordering, which I suppose can be compensated with the great items the chef dishes out afterwards.

260, Orchard Road,#04-01
Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839

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