Food x Wisdom tooth surgery

Been pigging out so much lately. #whatsnew

Sushi Express at 313 Somerset

Had it in Taiwan and loved it cause it’s cheap and tasty!



Antoinette at Mandarin Gallery

The dessert was good but pretty pricey in my opinion. The tea was pretty ordinary. Overall it was good, but I will definitely bring a sweater next time cause it was really cold.


4fingers @ Ion






Had a bbq with my girls :) Tasty satay made by bernie & su :)


George by George Town



En Japanese Dining
to celebrate B’s mom’s birthday :) For review please read this post

En Japanese Dining Bar_ohhhoney_review10

Enough with the food posts!

Something terrible happened.. my wisdom tooth is growing out! Urghs so pissed.. Totally ruined my plans for braces. And it’s also why I have been having a swollen and grumpy face all week. Any attempt to smile is painful :(

Consulted an orthodontist two months back and the plan was to remove the tooth next to the wisdom tooth (as it had a filling and was not a good tooth), but now I have to remove the infected wisdom tooth.

Going to see the orthodontist again in Jul. Hopefully I will get some answers.. Meanwhile, I just have to be a chipmunk with swollen cheeks and bear with the pain :'(




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