The Travelling Cow – Chef on Wheels

Saw this cute looking truck called The Travelling C.O.W (Chefs on Wheels) when going out to get lunch. Decided to try out one of their menu items – the Turkey Bacon burger ($6).


$6 for a burger is not cheap. $6 can get me a burger, fries and drink at MacDonalds.

At this price, I expected the burger to be of a slightly better quality than my regular cheeseburger…


I was in for a rude shock when I opened up the wrapping that contained the burger.


The cow was parked right beneath my office building. It took me less than 10 mins to get back upstairs after collecting my burger. I started eating right after I got to my desk.

So.. what’s the problem?

The bun was too small and the ingredients were overflowing. The scrambled eggs were watery and crumbling apart. The bread was soaked & soggy.

I had to tear away the soggy part and was left with only the top half of the burger. Nothing special bout the ham, scrambled eggs, cheese or mushrooms. It was basically a sandwich I could have made on my own, and have made it better than them.


I gave up eating after 3 bites.

Maybe it’s just a one-off thing but I will not repurchase from them again. The service wasn’t good as well. Interesting concept but the food and service just wasn’t worth the 10 minute wait.


  1. What a great idea — and what a lousy sandwich! Word-of-mouth advertising (including blogs, by the way) goes so much further than anything this company could do to promote their product.

    Thanks for dropping by my place and reading some of my poetry.

    • I agree! hard for businesses to survive nowadays if they provide lousy food/service cause it’s bound to get on the internet at some point.

      You write really well!

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