LeBunny Bleu opens in Singapore

Good news guys… LeBunny Bleu is now available in SG!

LeBunny Bleu
LeBunny Bleu – Romantic Vintage – brings the modern New York fashion scene into the romantic European vintage era creating a unique trend on how the shoes are worn today. They are well known for avant-garde oxford brogues, classic ballet flats, vibrant slip-ons and innovative water resistant wool boots.

Le_bunny_bleu_Singapore_ohhhoney_review (3)

On the way to meet my girls for dinner at Astons before the event starts.
Wearing an Agneselle lace top


The collection channels retro influences and attention to detail with hand knitted decoration and classic styles perfect for the weekend, work and play. Let’s take a look at some of the designs available :)

Le_bunny_bleu_Singapore_ohhhoney_review (12)


Le_bunny_bleu_Singapore_ohhhoney_review (2)

Le_bunny_bleu_Singapore_ohhhoney_review (6)

Jenn’s picks

Ditch the brown/black oxfords already! Get some pastel colored oxfords maybe? It gives one a casual yet sophisticated look with its uniquely matched colors. Retailing at SGD97

Le_bunny_bleu_Singapore_ohhhoney_review (7)

This pair of graffiti bunny doesn’t look too kiddish, which is probably why I will wear it out. Didn’t get the price of this but I think it’s between SGD70 – 90ish.

Le_bunny_bleu_Singapore_ohhhoney_review (8)

Sneaker heels are all the rage now! SNSD’s Hyoyeon & Seohyun recently wore LeBunny Bleu sneakers for their “I got a boy” performance. I fell in love with this pair of sneakers when I first set eyes on it, despite the hefty SGD129 price tag.


None of the shoes were in my size, so Jessie helped to try it out. She thinks it’s very comfy.
Le_bunny_bleu_Singapore_ohhhoney_review (13)

Le_bunny_bleu_Singapore_ohhhoney_review (14)

Le_bunny_bleu_Singapore_ohhhoney_review (15)

Le_bunny_bleu_Singapore_ohhhoney_review (16)

With Rui Ying :)


Cute gifts from the organisers! Thanks for having us that night :)
Le_bunny_bleu_Singapore_ohhhoney_review (17)

The Singapore branch is a franchise and brings in models which are suited to our climate. The sizes run pretty small and being a size 9, I only managed to try on 1/3 of a shoe (slipping them on my toes). Most of the designs I saw at the store were oxford brogues and classic ballet flats though… I liked the shoes but I wished they came in a bigger size. So girls with small sized feet, go get some!

View Le Bunny Bleu’s 2013 collections here:

Their Facebook page here

Le Bunny Bleu
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  1. Ahh, they’re gorgeous. But way too exorbitant for me. Oh well, I can still dream about it :)

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