Braologie give-away winner review

Hey guys, I did a give-away for Braologie sometime ago and one of my lucky winners, (we shall call her Iris-M) wrote back to me to share her thoughts on the item she won… the Posture Contour Pants. I am super excited after seeing the pictures and would like to share it with you guys.


If you haven’t read my previous posts on Braologie, click to find out if you’re wearing the wrong bra & how to enhance your cleavage in just a minute.

Let the photos do the talking. She is wearing a mango dress in EU size L / US size M below.




Before we read what she has to say, I would like to say she looks amazing and I am sure you can see the difference in the before & after pictures, esp the tummy area and the bulges at the thigh areas are significantly reduced.

What she liked:

– They’re really good at nipping in the waist without much muffin-topping. There is a little but it isn’t noticeable under most clothing.

– I’m impressed with the use of soft boning in the upper area (~ 5 inches), it’s really effective in preventing rolling down and contouring the waist.

– I like the ruching detail in the middle of the bum area ensuring that the contour pants actually have two cheeks. It works and I think it would have a great effect in tight trousers.

-They are really comfortable to walk around in. I almost forgot I was wearing them.

-They are easy to get in and out of compared to similar products.

What could be improved:

-As for the downsides, the boning, while soft, gets uncomfortable when sitting.

-I would love if the pants came a little higher, they end right at the natural waistline. It would help both with the slight muffin top and the boning digging in when sitting.

-I wish they were just a hint shorter. On the front after image you can see where the lace detailing is pressing against the leg – the contour pants end two inches above the hemline of the dress, max. Which leads to the other minor issue, the lace detailing at the bottom edge is a little too noticeable and textured.

Overall I am really happy with them. They work great, are relatively comfortable to wear, and I know that if I need to visit a bathroom when I’m out and about getting the contour pants off and on is quick and easy.

So go on and check out Braologie if you haven’t! Facebook page here :)

Have a great week!


  1. she looked amazing wearing the contour bra. I just purchased the casual bra as wearing the lacey ones doesnt really fit my thin blouse.

    • Hey!

      I’m the winner and I have no idea why my boobs look better in the after image. Perhaps they pants are actually adjusting my posture too :)

  2. yes, i agree that the lacey bra can be quite obvious when wearing thin blouses! do a review when it arrives!

    And she was wearing the contour pants – check out the hip and tummy areas! pretty amazing huh

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