How to be event ready in 24 hours

Do you girls have a special routine when preparing for a big day or special event?

I have. I need about 1 week of prep time before a special day cause there’s too many things to do and too little time!

My routine will include diligent skincare (mud masks, cleansing, exfoliating, moisture masks), hair treatment, body treatment, eating right to ensure I am on form, picking out the right dress etc.

So recently, I had a last minute event told to me like one day before.

My brows were bushy, I was chubby and my skin was crappy. How on earth am I going to get ready in one day?!

So this is what I did when I have to get ready for an event with very little time.


I do my brows with browhaus. They are extremely packed and every time I call, I can only get an appointment in the NEXT WEEK if I am lucky. My advice is not to call. Likely they will not be able to slot you in.

I got to the salon and went…

Jen: “Hi! I was in the vicinity for dinner and thought to pop by (I took a train down and it was a few stops away actually) to see if I can get my brows done. Do you have any time for me? It’ll only take 5-10 mins (with a smile and trying not to sound desperate).

Browlist: Okay sure. We can do it for you now.

Lucky or what? Nope, not just luck. I tried this method many times. Everytime I call, cannot get appointment on same week but I walk in, they will always do it for me.

PhotoGrid_1370575967945A well defined brow definitely gives you an instant perk-me-up look

TIP: Arched brows makes you look sexier/mature, while straight brows gives off a more innocent and young-ish feel. So, depending on what kinda look you’re going for… brows checked.


Body wise… nothing much we can do in one day. You can’t change your body shape but you can always change your clothes!

If there’s one thing I cannot understand, it’s why some women look so pretty but wear the wrong kind of clothing that does not fit their body shape?

Most aim to look like this:


But some of us end up looking like this:



You don’t have to be skinny to look hot.
Just choose the right clothes.



Unless you have a smoking hot body, ditch the bodycon. You don’t want risk looking uncomfortable the whole time sucking in your tummy.

Show your boobs or show your legs. Choose one. You definitely want to draw the line between being sexy or…… slutty.

Work on your best assets and you won’t go wrong.


Here’s some basic dermatology 101. Skin takes about 28 days to renew itself, so the promised cure of acne in 3 days you see in Watsons or on the TV is nothing but bullsh*t.

I suggest doing a mini facial since we’re in a rush for time.

Cleanse your skin and exfoliate. This gets rid of any flaky skin and the build-up of dead skin cells which can make your skin look dull.

Apply a moisturising mask and go to bed early. You’ll wake up with moisturised skin (and looking refreshed from a good rest too). You can apply an eye mask too, if you have one.

If you have problematic skin like me, don’t try too hard to pile on thick foundation. It looks terrible in real life when you have bumpy skin. Apply a thin layer of bb cream and layer on till you get the ideal coverage you need.

Work on your best features such as eyes or lips. It will draw attention from your skin.

With all that, you should be ready (enough) for your event. Most importantly, smile, and have a good time!


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