Yet another Saturday

We did it again.

We had some left over ringgit thus decided to visit JB for a foodie day over the weekend :)

What I originally wore. The boyfriend was scared that I will get robbed thus I changed.

What I wore instead :)


And off we go! On our last trip, we wanted to buy some Rotiboy home but it was sold out :( Thus, we made it our first stop for that day!

Walked around for a little bit and there’s nothing much that we fancy actually… so we headed for dinner at Seoul Garden :D It only costs about SGD35 for 2 paxs for a weekend dinner :) Half price compared to eating in Singapore.



A full man is a happy man.

After dinner, we walked for barely 10 mins before deciding to fill our tummies with some dessert :) We headed to Hui Lau Shan (许留山), a dessert place with a specialty in mango treats.


The boyfriend had the sampler set with different kinds of mango goodies while I had the hot hashima with red dates and gingko nuts. Personally we felt that the mango dish was rather normal but the variety is interesting. The hashima was totally not worth it as they gave really little hashima and it was mostly rock sugar water.

The total bill came up to about 30RM.



Still a hungry man.

And lastly… can peas be cute? Think carefully..
I can’t even…

Dukong peas! Found these cuties in Action City :D They cost about 20RM. Boyfriend says he will buy me the original ones from Disney!

Can’t wait for our next weekend together :)


Announcing a piece of good news. Bestie Su is getting married and I am gonna be one of her bridesmaids along with Bernie and Marissaaaaaa!
She just set up her wedding blog so do follow her!



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