Meiji Amino Collagen

Hello guys! If you’re in your 20s like me, you probably have the same concern that I have…. Aging!

Recently I feel that as I grow older, my skin is less moisturised (naturally without moisturiser) as the constant wearing of makeup/removal makes my skin tight and irritated (which will cause wrinkles in the long run!)

It’s like new jeans are always awesome to touch right? But when you wash it over the years, it gets dry and wrinkly – just like us.


Collagen starts to decrease drastically after the age of 20. Factors like UV light and stress accelerate the loss of collagen. Thus it’s recommended to start early. (And I just started using sunblock for the first time in my life like last year OMGGGG)

Thus, I looked up a few brands and finally decided to try out Meiji’s Collagen as they have been in the market for some time and seem pretty reputable.


Instructions and ingredient list are printed in English. One spoonful of collagen powder contains 5000mg collagen peptide, 450mg arginine, 60mg glucosamine and 50mg of vitamin C. All these extra ingredients are meant to make the collagen work efficiently.

meiji_amino_collagen_review_ohhhoney (3)

You can add the collagen to soups, tea or coffee.

meiji_amino_collagen_review_ohhhoney (5)

The tin was about 3/4 full and comes with a plastic scoop.

meiji_amino_collagen_review_ohhhoney (6)

meiji_amino_collagen_review_ohhhoney (7)

Time for my first collagen fruit juice! Let’s test if it is easily dissolved and whether there will be any weird taste.

(Disclaimer: Actually you are supposed to mix it with 150ml of liquid which is approximately one small bottle of orange juice. I used 2 bottles instead. I suppose it’s okay and should be easier to dissolve since there’s more liquid.)


The collagen formed blobs in the juice and looked kinda..unappetising. I continued stirring for a LONG time before they all disappeared.

The taste wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. If you’re not a fan of fish, this could be pretty unbearable for you.

My verdict

May 2013

I didn’t really see much difference after one month. Not much of the moistful, bouncy skin as promised. Collagen supplements take a long time to see effects. However, I did notice that zits appear but they (seem to) go away faster.

Aug 2013

Definitely feel that my skin has become more moisturised. My skin problems for the past 5 years have become much much better after sticking to a routine and drinking collagen.

Click here for my routine


What’s not so good about this drink…

– At $65 per bottle (28 days supply) from Watsons, it’s not exactly cheap to upkeep. (I see Qoo10 selling it at just $38 for the same bottle, but kind of sceptical as to whether it’s real due to the huge difference in price)

– The taste was bearable for me when mixed with orange juice but when I tried it with other drinks like green tea/Milo, it tasted really weird.

– Hard to dissolve completely in cold drinks. I still have blobs formed even when I stir really hard with a metal spoon.

In case you have any other questions, here’s the Q&A from Meiji’s site:












    • hmm, can I ask why are you considering to take this?
      Do you have dry skin? If not, I won’t recommend you taking this supplement at 18 years old.

      Most people start in their 20s, as collagen levels deplete when we get older :)

      • I agree starting when you’re young… I guess it couldn’t hurt! Have you tried the Elavonne brand of Amino Collagen? I like that its made in the USA, also fish peptide plus hyaluronic acid. Not as much cost as meiji

    • I think if you’re 20 and have relatively good skin then maybe you should wait till you’re a little older :)

      Afterall, collagen is something that’s in our skin and we have abundant supplies of it when we’re young, so no point supplementing something you already have enough of! Collagen starts depleting in your 20s!

      Hope this helps!

    • From what I hear coconut oil is comedogenic, which equals ZITS. Is that working for you? I’ve been using a hyaluronic acid serum which is not greasy and seems to help keep the moisture in.

      • What hyaluronic acid serum are you using dear??? I’ve been looking for one! I heard a good hyaluronic serum can provide necessary moisture and plump the skin and is better than using moisturisers on the market which has only a small percentage of the good ingredients :)

  1. I bought it from Qoo10 at $35/each (Inclusive shipping) Buy 2 Free shipping.

    I was surprised it was sent directly from Japan. Post,
    Signed off by a Japanese as the sender on the invoices and bilingual of English, Chinese & Japanese words on the Delivery order & Invoice. On the can of Meiji Amino, there was not a word of English instructions written. All contents were in Japanese. It is safe to buy from Qoo10.

    Sender is from Fukuoka Logistic Centre
    281-64 AzaSakurada Tsushima Iizuka City
    Fukuoka Prefecture.
    Fast delivery in a can wrapped with bubble wrap.

  2. Hi! I’m 19. Can I use it already? I really have a problem with my face. I have a lot of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and pimple marks. I just want to get rid of them.

  3. Hi dear, I think collagen supplements are mainly for moisturising skin / diminishing signs of aging. At 19, if you face pimples, blackheads and whiteheads problem, I think your skin might be producing too much oil.

    Don’t think there’s any issues with you taking collagen now but you got to do something bout your skincare products on the general to help your skin!

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