Selling Longchamp x thoughts

Helping my friend to sell her brand new bag, the Longchamp Derby Verni Tote Bag in Paprika.

This tote is brand new and retailing in stores at $580. She’s selling it as it’s not really her style. Do email her at if you are keen!


I’m sure you ladies shop online quite a bit. Doesn’t it ever worry you when you’re buying branded goods online as to whether the items are real? How come they are sold at a better price as compared to their physical stores?

Found Zalora, a store which brings in so many good brands! Plus, I never have to doubt the authenticity of my purchase. If you love Longchamp bags, check out what they have to offer on their site alright? Great prices and variety (and comes with free shipping, too)!

Some recent OOTDs



And… wanted to go to the zoo with le boyfriend using the company’s pass. We were super excited discussing whether the kid’s zone with the little chicks still exists till today! The last time I went to the zoo was zillions of years ago (ha ha ha feeling old)


Have a great week ahead guys.


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