Koh Lamp by Koh Concepts

Thanks to Koh Concepts, I received a Koh Lamp for a review and boy, I was blown right away with the vibrant tones the Koh Lamp exudes.


How did the concept of Koh Lamp came about?

The concept of the KŌH Lamp was inspired during a trip to a village in Africa. Each night the villagers would gather around the campfire to discuss their days. To set the mood, they would place light bulbs inside coloured canisters to create complementary lighting. Paired together with the warm glow of the fire, this created a soothing backdrop for friends and family to come together and catch up.

*No photos in this review were photoshopped so as to provide an accurate review of the actual color/lighting*


Time to unwrap the parcel and find out what’s inside!

Here’s the bulb and adaptor neatly packed into individual boxes.

The pastel purple is extremely pretty in real life. And purple happens to be my favorite color out of the extensive range of colors available!

Only 3 items:
The Jerry Can, light bulb and power adaptor!

So…what’s so unique about this Koh Lamp? Well, other than being shaped like a ‘Jerry Can (which is already interesting), it is easy to bring around due to it’s light weight and is definitely a statement piece you should have in your home or interior/exterior decor anywhere.

Is it difficult to get it running?

Yes, just 3 steps.

First, take out the light bulb and screw it onto the adaptor port.


Next, screw the light bulb into the hole at the side of the Jerry Can.

Here’s the switch that lets you turn the lamp on/off easily. It’s big enough for you to step on in case you are lazy to bend over.

And lastly, connect the adaptor to a power outlet!

Let’s do the lighting up ceremony :) The photos simply don’t do the Koh Lamp justice cause my camera doesn’t fully capture the beauty of the lights!

I placed the lamp near my bed. The purplish glow softens up the entire mood of my bedroom and is perfect to turn on when I watch a show on my laptop or just lie on my bed dreaming about the future.





And trust me when I say it’s light and portable. It’s lighter than a textbook so you can basically carry it everywhere.

Shifted it to my living room to test out the lighting of the Koh Lamp. It’s perfect to turn this on while pigging out with popcorn and a Saturday night movie.


Here’s some ways in which the Koh Lamp have been used.

Photos credited to Koh Concepts. Perfect for homes/ hotels and basically anywhere where you wish to create a great mood through lights.



The Koh Lamps retail at USD150 each (inclusive of worldwide shipping). They will be coming to local stores soon.

Visit http://www.kohconcepts.com and follow their Facebook page to find out more.


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