The smoking ban

I hate cigarette smoke. I hate it so much I need another word for hate.

I’m okay with smokers as long as they are considerate but there are so many inconsiderate ones out there who pisses me off real bad.

If you haven’t heard, the NEA recently extended the smoking ban to cover more public places. The extension now includes common areas of residential buildings such as common corridors, staircases, stairwells and void decks etc.

Sounds awesome right? Or so I thought.


On paper yes. But in reality, no.

I don’t know why but I think there are more smokers sprouting out in these areas after the ban.

So, you have a ban.. people who flout the rules, what happens to them?

From the NEA website:

4. What can I do if I see someone smoking at these prohibited areas?

We encourage members of the public to go forward and inform the smoker graciously that this is a prohibited area and to finish his cigarette elsewhere. If the smoker does not heed the advice or the member of public has witnessed repeated violations by the same smoker and/or by a group of smokers at the same location, they are advised to report the incident to NEA at 1800-2255 632 for our follow-up action.

And so I heeded their advice.

I was at a bus stop one night. There was only me and another girl (or so I thought).

I was waiting for the bus and suddenly this disgusting cheap cigarette scent appeared. I turned my head and saw this uncle enjoying his ciggie, right inside the bus stop area.

I tried walking away but how big is the bus stop shelter? There’s no where I can walk to without being in proximity of the cigarette smoke.

TBH, I was quite scared lah (cause it’s my first time doing this) and there’s always the slight possibility that he would turn violent and beat me up.

I walked up to him and told him in a nice manner.

“Uncle, you’re not supposed to smoke in the bus stop. Please stand further away if you want to smoke. Thanks.”

The uncle looked at me, didn’t say anything and took two steps back.


I was like.. did you not hear what I just said?

Two steps back and he’s still IN THE BUS STOP.

And so, I told him more firmly this time to step further away if he would like to smoke, and not to be selfish and affect others.

He stepped another TWO STEPS back and continued with that smug look on his face. I gave up. Nothing I can do right? I just inhaled all the 2nd hand smoke while waiting for that damn bus to arrive.

BUT. There’s always a but in the story.

That uncle had the nerve to come over and approach me after he’s done with his cigarette.

He said in a rude tone, “I hope you never ever do anything wrong in your life yah.”


I already let it go when you refuse to move out of the bus stop. I sat there and inhale all your smoke already and you still come and say me?!

Maybe the fashionable thing to do now is to tell people off when it’s your own mistake?

Walau, I hope he gets fined one day.

I can bet with you most people will have bad experiences if they were to go forward and tell the smoker to finish his cigarette elsewhere.

Which is why many people just choose to ignore them. Quite a sad thing actually.



  1. This is another great post you have put out there. It is very informative . Not too many people are aware of an hotline # to report smoking abuse. I guess that’s how we learn from each other’s knowledge and skills.

  2. Outstanding post.Smoking is becoming another battle ground between Health insurance and businesses . My regards.jalal

  3. At my university here in the U.S. we have a similar smoking policy. It’s not enforced my campus police, and if someone is smoking where it’s not allowed, we’re supposed to go up to them and ask them to stop. That makes me feel SO uncomfortable! We go completely smoke-free in fall 2013, but I really don’t think it will matter. There is nothing worse than walking to class behind someone smoking a cigarette!

    • I get you totally dear! which was why I was so compelled to write this to get it off my mind. These smokers need to start thinking about our health!

      One thing I always do is to walk/run in front of the smoker and start pinching my nose. Childish, I know :)

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