Bliss House Singapore

Spent one of my weeknights at the lovely Bliss House! If you’re a fan of all floral and pretty things, you’ll have to come visit this beautiful restaurant at The Central.

To be honest, I would never have noticed this place if I weren’t invited there But I am really excited to have discovered this garden of eden!

When I stepped in for the first time, it’s as if I walked into the Secret Garden. It’s filled with flowers, grass, and white furniture which I absolutely adore!

An overview of the restaurant
blisshouse_singapore_ohhhoney (6)

A horse carriage which you’ll see once you step into Bliss House.
blisshouse_singapore_ohhhoney (5)


A cute little bridge which leads you into the main sitting area

They have an enclosed room which is perfect for private parties. This room even has a white grand piano which is perfect cause you can play a tune for your guests while they dine.
blisshouse_singapore_ohhhoney (4)



blisshouse_singapore_ohhhoney (2)

blisshouse_singapore_ohhhoney (3)

We heard that many couples actually do their ROM here, cause the theme is simply befitting and it’s very near the ROM building.


Let’s move on to the food.

The canapés were really good! They came in a good mix of sweet and savory and were easy to eat while we mingled and downed our champagnes.

I especially loved the ‘Teriyaki Chicken in a Spoon’ & the Dark Chocolate cake (which tasted surprisingly like awfully chocolate’s cake which I love by the way).

You can always liven up the party by having a stand-up canapés & champagne style rather than the usual sit-down main course style!

Bliss_house_Singapore_ohhhoney_reviews (3)

Bliss_house_Singapore_ohhhoney_reviews (5)

Bliss_house_Singapore_ohhhoney_reviews (6)

Bliss_house_Singapore_ohhhoney_reviews (7)

Bliss_house_Singapore_ohhhoney_reviews (8)

With the lovely bloggers!

After filling our tummies, we were ushered into the room and found the below on our table! That’s right, we will be learning how to make jewelry!

Jewelry making classes are on every Sunday, 3-5pm, at Blisshouse and will cost $45 per pax. This includes course materials & 1 beverage (soft drink or coffee/tea). If you’re keen in picking up a new skill, call 97211321 for registration or enquiries :)

Instructions and materials
Bliss_house_Singapore_ohhhoney_reviews (9)

Look what landed on our table! Love these little details the owners of Bliss House put into the decor.

blisshouse_singapore_ohhhoney (7)

I think I have no talent or whatsoever in bead-weaving or any handicraft cause it took me really long to understand how the whole thing works, LOL.

All of us were shouting out for help but our super nice instructor patiently taught us over and over how to do it.

This was what I accomplished at the end of the class. It’s unfinished, so I took it home to complete it.

Bliss_house_Singapore_ohhhoney_reviews (10)

And I made it in the end! My very first handmade bead bracelet. Extremely proud!
Bliss_house_Singapore_ohhhoney_reviews (12)

Bliss_house_Singapore_ohhhoney_reviews (13)

Thank you, Bliss House, for having us that night!

Blisshouse Singapore

6 Eu Tong Sen Street,
#03-21, The Central,
Singapore 059817

Phone: (65) 6225 5532



  1. what a sweet place to spend a day ! The theme and decor is just perfect for a wedding party ^ – ^ !

    p/s : that’s a very cute bracelet, Jennie :) !

  2. the series of images are amazing, this is a perfect place for tea. Very fine and delicate.
    thanks for stopping by my blog.
    you’ve got a wonderful blog as well!

  3. Astounding post.The pictures of friendship are amazing.l hope l will visit Singapore in the future , beside Wall of China and Taj Mahal. Thank you so much for liking my post (Minimalism / Hedonism ) best wishes to you and your friends.Jalal

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