K Box Singapore (CG 2013)

I need to admit… I am never much of a karaoke person. The place I usually sing at is my bathroom.

So I’m excited to be visiting K Box for the first time! *I know I very suaku lah*

K Box_Singapore_KALA student card (2)

What’s new at K Box

1) K Lunch Set

K Box is giving this really awesome promo where instead of having a very normal lunch, you can visit K Box and eat, drink and sing for just $10++ per pax!

5 Stars & Birthday

You might be thinking that the lunch sets are probably gonna suck, so we’re here to taste them for you first. For one, the portion is huge!

They all tasted quite decent la. Like better than food court standard. The prawn aglio olio was a little too peppery for me though.

K Box_Singapore_K Lunch Menu(4)

K Box_Singapore_K Lunch menu(5)

K Box_Singapore_K Lunch Menu(6)

2) 5 Star Packages

I can’t compare prices with other Karaoke joints (cause I haven’t been to any) but I do feel that the packages they are offering are quite value-for-money.

Take for example, you have a group of 10 people and need something to do for 2 hours before the movie starts. Take the $55 nett package which comes with 2 jugs of drinks. That comes up to just $5.50 per pax.

$5.50 for drinks and a room of your own and a chance to sing! Sounds better than sitting at Macs for 2 hours, hogging seats and putting on calories.

5 Stars & Birthday

3) $8 KALA Card Promo

Good news for students! Just spend $16 to purchase the card for the first time and subsequently when you visit, you only pay $8! For more details, scan the QR code in the poster below :)



K Box_Singapore_KALA student card

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