[Ad] Singapore Management University

So, you graduated from JC/Polytechnic and don’t know where to head next? You have a very important decision to make… and that’d be the choice of University that you’re going to!

Think about it… It’s the place where you will spend the next 3-4 years of your life before you step out into the working world. There’re so many universities around…how do you choose?

Singapore Management University (SMU) could be the right place for you.


A little about SMU…

Singapore Management University (SMU) was established in 2000. It is relatively new compared to other universities, but hey, who says older ones are necessarily better?

It’s mission is to generate leading edge research with global impact and produce broad-based, creative and entrepreneurial leaders for the knowledge-based economy.

SMU logo 2

What sets SMU apart from other universities? It is known to be a pioneer in Singapore for its interactive and technologically-enabled pedagogy of seminar-style teaching in small class sizes which remains its unique hallmark.

Don’t you just hate classes where there are hoardes of students in the lecture theatre and you don’t get to ask any questions cause you were intimidated by the sheer amount of people in class? Smaller class sizes ensures a smaller student:teacher ratio – meaning you get more attention from your lecturers!

Schools in SMU

  • Accountancy
  • Lee Kong Chian School of Business
  • Economics
  • Information Systems
  • Social Sciences
  • Law

SMU currently offers 6 undergraduate degree programmes – Accountancy, Business Management, Economics, Information Systems Management, Law and Social Sciences.

(Credits to Flickr)

What’s another cool point about SMU? Location. They are situated near the town area so it’s really convenient to travel to & fro campus and home.


Do check out their Undergraduate programs and get ready for their next admission (2014-15) which opens in October 2013! Check out the admission requirements here.

Check out their Twitter and Facebook page too!


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