A long awaited two-week break

Happy Friday to whoever is reading :)

Woke up feeling really excited for work today… only cause it’s the last working day of the week! I am on a two week break starting next Monday! The bf is going overseas for a holiday but I won’t be going with him *cries*

Looking on the bright side, he promised to buy me loads of stuffs!

I’ve been stressed out lately. I sleep really late so I kinda wake up as a zombie every morning. Since I won’t be working for the next 2 weeks… I’m gonna sleep as much as I want! *eyebags, please be gone*



  1. Terrific post.worth reading.Warm regards.jalal

  2. Hey Jennie! Thanks for following my blog :)
    It’s really nice to know another Singaporean and also, all the best for your ‘Eat Clean’ regime :)

    Thanks again! x

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