Paul Bakery Singapore

Paul has opened in Taka for about a year now, and I finally got to try it last weekend!

Paul Bakery started out in France in 1889. Their specialties include breads, crêpes, sandwiches, macaroons, soups, cakes, pastries, coffee, wine, and beer. They have branches worldwide, but majority of the stores are located in France.

I love the decor – very classic with a slight twist of modernity.




Le Millefeuille (Napoleon) $6.40

Crispy, crème filled Napoleon is a traditional French favorite and PAUL classic. The crispy golden puff pastry is filled with vanilla-flavored pastry cream and topped with a light apricot glaze. Other flavors offered are chocolate, coffee, strawberry or raspberry.


Crème brûlée $7.90

This is perfection but it is a tad too sweet if I were to finish up the whole plate.


The Sampler set – $12.90

Regular coffee with 1/2 slice of moelleux chocolat, mini crème brûlée and 2 mini macaroons. The macaroons are chosen at random and I got flavors which I didn’t like. Apart from that, they didn’t taste fantastic. I do fancy the moelleux chocolat and crème brûlée though. They were absolutely delicious.


Gourmet Tea Set – $12.90

Same items as the above sampler set, with a choice of tea. I picked Earl Grey.



Grand Macaroon in Pistachio flavor. Look how huge it is beside the normal macaroon!! But then again, the size doesn’t matter – it didn’t taste fantastic. I prefer the macaroons which Su made..



Ngee Ann City Tower A #03-16
Tel.: +65 6836 5932



  1. You’re making me hungry with your yummy posts,LOL. If you blog this great in your 20’s, it’s hard to imagine it being even better. Keep up the great work Jennie!

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