Ideas… for a couple photoshoot in SG


Recently, I have been toying with the idea of doing a couple photoshoot.

Most couples do pre-wedding shoots… but I think marriage is something that’s not gonna happen so soon, thus the idea to do a shoot with the boyfriend… just for fun and keepsake.

Okay, many would cringe at the idea of paying thousands of dollars for a professional to do this. Truth is, I don’t have that kind of money to splurge on a shoot! You can do it on your own… Here’s how.

You will need:

1) A storyboard

Well, don’t just ‘go there and decide’ what kind of shots you want to take, because you will waste a lot of time and might possibly end up with some very weird / awkward photos. The ideas are important because you can learn/mimic the way professionals do it.

2) A friend with a decent camera

Try to at least use a micro 4/3 if you can’t find a DSLR! Point and shoot cameras may not have that blurring effect on the background and you may need to photoshop the photos afters.

3) A friend who’s good with make-up & hair

Or you could do it yourself if you can’t find one. Afterall, you know your own face best. Your makeup should be thicker than usual day so that it will show up in the photos, otherwise, you may look very washed out.

4) A free venue

………..and you’re all ready to go!

Some ideas:

1) Kitchen shoots

Some scenes can include cooking together, kissing while holding a ladle, feeding each other and the food you’ve made together (preferably something cute).

Where: Use your own kitchen, if not, go to Ikea on a weekday noon and use the display set there.



2) Lalang field shoots

You can use some creativity here – sitting down and listening to each other’s heartbeat, holding hands walking towards the sunset, smiling and making funny faces at each other. Or play hide and seek.

Where: There’s one at Tebing Lane (Riveria LRT Station)


3) Beach shoots

For the sun-loving babes and hunks. Great for those who worked hard to flaunt that body.

With Bikini on: Playing in the water, piggybacking, playing catching, lying on the sand together, girl burying the guy’s body in sand
With clothes on: Strolling along the beach, holding hands, locked in a kiss

I think I belong to the ‘put my clothes on’ category.

Where: Any beach which is clean but I prefer Sentosa to Pasir Ris/East Coast :D


4) Twilight forest shoots

We all need a Edward Cullen moment. Lush and greens instantly brings freshness and life into pictures, thus you don’t have to try very hard to look good.

Some ideas include having a picnic, sitting on a low tree trunk together, watching the sunset together, reading a book together, guy taking a picture of girl while she is alsleep, cuddling a puppy together.

Or you could just lie down together, take a shot, and photoshop glitter onto your faces afterwards.

Where: Botanical Gardens on a weekday evening, or any garden/park which is not crowded.

Here’s the 10 best parks in Singapore


5) Walk down memory lane

Try visiting the place where you guys first met, and any other significant places that made an impact in your relationship – could be a favorite cinema or even a favorite swimming pool. Rearrange the photos into a book and it will tell your story together. Leave some pages at the back of the book, for the future.

So with these ideas, try practising your expressions in the mirror before the actual shoot. We’re not born supermodels but practice will make you less nervous on the actual shoot :D

With all these preparations, go out there and have fun! These photos will be great to look back upon a few years down the road.

If you do have the budget to spare and are looking for great photographers – do check out Lighted Pixels and The Happy Fish :D They’re my personal favorites.

Happy shooting!


  1. Lovely post.Photo shoot is to make memories for the future.Wishing you happiness.jalal

  2. Nice ideas. exactly what I did in 2009 ..our own engagement shoot with my boyfriend (now husband)..we used tripods and timers hehe :P pretty doable!

    p.s. i stumbled on your blog coz im dying to find anywhere there’s brown grasses in Singapore but cant find yet hahah

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