Mini sandwiches under 10 minutes

I was at home one evening with pretty much nothing to eat and decided to whip something up from anything that I can find in the kitchen. And here’s what I made.

Ingredients: Focaccia (bread), streaky bacon, honey-baked ham, lettuce, cheese
Optional: Oregano leaves, lemon pepper


Cook the bacon and ham lightly for about 1 minute each. I used a little grape seed oil while doing this.

We’re not making subway sandwiches here, so slice the focaccia up into bite sizes.


There’s no sequence to laying the items but this is how I like it. Lettuce first!



I like oregano leaves with everything. I sprinkled some on top of the tasty bacon for a burst of flavor.

I love Masterfoods! A little pricey at bout $4-5 per bottle, so I stock up during their sales!

Added the honey-baked ham with a touch of lemon pepper.

Off to the oven for some light toasting. I take them out when I see the cheese melting. Don’t leave them inside for too long, it dries the meat and bread out.

You can place these cute toothpicks for easy eating.
15And here you have it – quick, simple and delicious! Perfect for bringing to picnics or serving them to your house guests.



  1. Needing is the mother of being creative.Hope you are over the flu It was a terrible season all over the country.Jalal

    • Thank you Yangsze!

      Anyway, the synopsis of your new novel, THE GHOST BRIDE, sounds absolutely interesting! Will be keen to read it when it’s out!! Congrats!!

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