Our 3rd year

We celebrated our third year anniversary over the weekend.

B, I can’t believe it’s been 3 years now… seems just like yesterday when we first met.

We went to Cafe Epicurious for a simple dinner. The mushroom soup was awesome cause it’s creamy and peppery, just the way I like it.

He had the half grilled chicken ($21) and I tried the red wine beef stew ($18). Portion was generous and the food was great on the overall. I would recommend this for a casual date, but be prepared to sit outdoors cause the indoor area is really small.



After dinner, we decided to do something romantic, like what couples do in the dramas…. So we headed to Sentosa to take a walk around Siloso beach!

I figured the dramas were not for real cause we ended up hot, sweaty and my shoes were full of sand. It got worse when I started itching due to the sand. Not the most romantic cause I kept complaining but still enjoyable nonetheless.

We caught the songs of the seas’ fireworks while walking. Really pretty fireworks here.


Today’s outfit. Top and skirt both from Montif. Love their stuffs!

We decided that Siloso beach was too happening for us, so we decided to go to Sentosa Cove and search for a nice place to chill.

While at the carpark, the boyfriend whipped this out. A pleasant surprise :)



Settled for Harry’s in the end and had some cocktails & beer.


And that’s how we spent our 3rd year anniversary.

Thank you for being in my life love, always supporting me and bringing me happiness.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful evening. I dated my sweet hubby two years before we got married. Now we have so many adventures traveling. Keep making memories :)

    Laurie, thanks for following my blog :) it looks a lot warmer in Singapore than freezing Wisconsin. We are still waiting for spring to make it’s appearance. Brr!

    • Thanks Laurie, it was indeed a great evening. I hope we end up happily married like you and your husband! :)

      It’s warm here all year round, so do visit our little sunny island if you’re looking for places to travel to!

      • Thanks! I once knew someone who visited Singapore (I edited their video) and saw some of it. What a cool city. Have a great day. Not sure what time it is there, it’s 6:30 AM here.

  2. Congratulation and many many more…It seems like yesterday..beautiful, when there is love an openness time flies .l and my wife will celebrate our anniversary in April in Alaska.Wishing you and yours all the best.Jalal

  3. [ Smiles ] I would like to personally congratulate you into actually making it to your third anniversary; well done!

  4. Wow, congratulations Jennie ^ – ^ what a sweet and yummy anniversary ,I love the the flower bouquet !

    Wish you guys many many more years of happiness ^ – ^!

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