Food tasting at Nando’s

Visited Nando’s for a food tasting session recently with the CGSG13 bloggers and am excited to share with you a new item on their menu, the Angry Mango Burger!

Nandos_Singapore_ohhhoney (2)

So.. is Nando’s from Brazil or Mexico?

Nando’s is a South African casual dining restaurant originating from the Mozambican-Portuguese community with a Portuguese/Mozambiquan theme.

What are they well known for?

Nando’s specialties are in chicken dishes with either lemon and herb, medium, hot, extra hot or extra extra hot Peri-Peri marinades (known as Galinha à Africana).

It’s my first time trying out Nando’s and I’m psyched!



The cute mango mascots greeted us upon arrival.

That’s right… there’s a new item on the menu and there’s mango in it!

I love mushroom soup. I’d always order one when I visit Marche but I always add like half a bottle of pepper because I like them peppery.

For starters, we had the mushroom soup and I’m in love with it. It’s the peppery type!

Our delicious array of side dishes :- Peri-peri chips, Wedges, Mixed vegetables and Coleslaw. I really like the peri-peri seasoning on my chips!


First up, we are tasting the usual specialty chicken from Nando’s. Here, we have the lemon & herb, mild and spicy chicken.

If you don’t take spicy food, you should opt for the lemon & herb as that’s the least spicy. My face was already red after tasting the mild flavored chicken. You really don’t feel the spiciness on your tongue when eating, but the spice attacks your throat and brings about this warm fuzzy, sizzling sensation to your entire body.

And we’re moving on to their new item on the menu.

Meet the new angry mango range!

Available in Burger, Pita and Wrap options.


The Angry Mango Burger

The Pita option

The Wrap option


First bite into the angry mango burger, there’s this awesome burst of mango goodness coupled with grilled-to-the-right-degree chicken breast.

The mango carried more of a sour note rather than sweet. I thought it was a rather interesting combination. It gives this refreshing feel to a regular chicken burger. In fact, I don’t feel so fat eating it cause it’s so light and fruity!

I would recommend anyone to give this a try if you’re looking for something that’s fresh, tropical and fun.

We’re never too full for desserts. The cheesecake was creamy and thick. Recommend to share as it can be too much for one to finish.

The chocolate cake is awesome. I recommend all chocolate lovers to give this a try. It’s a little thick though, so do share one with a friend!

Insanely delicious Portuguese custard tarts

Thanks to the PR team for gifting us with the Nando’s membership card.

I will be visiting often from now for sure!



With the CGSG13 bloggers


While we all love good food, don’t forget to exercise!

The Community Games 2013 officially starts on 16 March 2013!

If you haven’t signed up, do so now! :)



  1. Dear Jennie,l read your Exquisite food tasting at Nando’s twice to really enjoy the food descriptions.Each dish was bursting with its flavor.You are a superb food critic and fair one.Here in southern California we have Brazilian Restaurants.These Portuguse -Mozambican are exceptional.Warm regards.jalal

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