Braologie Giveaway – CLOSED

I hope you’re excited to hear…… I am doing a giveaway sponsored by the kind people at Braologie!

If you haven’t read my previous entries on Braologie, they are an online store specialising in bra-fitting and posture correcting undergarments. Read my previous entries here and here.

A free online fitting service from Braologie which you can try out

Giveaway item 1: Posture-Contour Pants




I wear this under my skirts or jeans to tone up my flabby thighs & tums. Especially when I am going for a buffet cause it holds my tummy in place after I am done ravaging the food. I am someone who likes to ‘sit on my hips’ which I think might be the cause of my pear shaped figure so this really helps me!


Giveaway item 2: Posture-Contour Mini-Vest





This is really simple to use. Simply wear a bra and then wear the mini vest over it. It helps to keep my back straight, enhances cleavage, gets rid of bulges from behind the back(yes those fats which are pushed out from the bra!) and the best thing, you don’t feel it at all! I could even wear this to sleep (yes, its that comfy!)


1) Hop over to Braologie’s Facebook Page and LIKE their page

2) After liking, simply leave a comment on this entry with the following:

Your choice: Posture Contour Mini Vest or Pants
Why do you think you should win (convince me with a one-two liner!)

The giveaway will close on 12 MAR 2013. I will comment on your reply if you’re the winner, so be sure to check back on the 12th! Good luck! (Contest is open to readers from all locations)


Use the code “Ohhhoney” when purchasing at Braologie’s online store and enjoy 5% discount for any purchases. Valid till 18 Mar 2013.

Good luck :)


  1. i would like to win the posture mini vest

    i have a a slouchy posture and this vest will be great for me. Please let me win this! thank you!!

  2. I choose the Posture-Contour Mini-Vest (although I think I need both LOL)

    my posture is even worse than the illustration above haha I’m still trying to repair(?) my posture but somehow I always get back-ache if I did it too long T^T

  3. I would love to win the posture contour pants.

    This would really help me get back into my wardrobe. I quit smoking three months ago and sadly gained 20 lbs. I only fit in a few things in my wardrobe now and really need something to give me a helping hand while I lose weight.

    • Congrats Iris! Firstly, I am very proud of you for taking the first step of quitting smoking (it will do wonders for your health!). I hope the contour pants will help you like it helped me! I will pass your email to the people at Braologie! Congrats!

  4. I would love to win the Posture Contour Mini-Vest! Since a bad car accident gave me chronic back problems, my posture has been severely affected — I’m working towards better posture and this would certainly help!

    • Hi dear! I am sorry to hear about your accident, but guess what? You’re the lucky winner of the posture contour mini-vest!

      I do hope it will help you with your back problems cause it feels really comfy for me when I wear it :) Will pass your email to the kind people at Braologie so please wait for their email! Congrats!!

  5. I just had a baby and still have 50 lbs that I’m trying to lose. I have rolls everywhere :( and posture sucks because of the pregnancy. I would love to win the Posture-Contour Mini-Vest :)

  6. I would love win the the Posture Contour Mini-Vest bcoz I always had bad posture and I with 19 years have suffer with back pain, I don’t want feel it! Sorry for my bad english hun! xoxo

  7. Hi :) I would love to win the Posture Contour Mini-Vest because I have really bad back pain which is caused by my posture.. If this helps my posture then my back is sure to feel better :D

    thanks xx

  8. I would really love to have the Posture-Contour Pants so I can tackle my back problem, tuck all my fats away and and look great with a drop in size!

  9. That’s a super-amazing&helpful idea and wonderful products!
    Facebook fan as Szabina Luzics
    I’d really love to have the Mini-Vest to correct my posture last but not least to good confident & ‘healthy’ :)

  10. I would love to win either! But I’ll have to choose the Posture-Contour Pants. I have rather large thighs that I would love to tighten up under tight pants and pencil skirts and if the product helps my posture I see nothing but a win-win situation.

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