Fukuichi Japanese Dining

B and I visited Fukuichi Japanese Dining to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2013. It was kind of impromptu cause we walked past it and the boyfriend said he remembered reading some good reviews on this restaurant, thus we decided to give it a try.

Fukuichi is tucked in a quiet corner of Orchard (so quiet I didn’t know this building existed!) but this Japanese restaurant is definitely going to be worth your time.

Here’s some dishes we tried :)

Kani Tofu (stuffed cold tofu with crab meat covered in century egg sauce)
Done to perfection. I love that the century egg sauce was not too overpowering and you can really taste the freshness of that tofu with crab meat. It just simply dissolves in the mouth! OH-YI-SHI NEH~

Fukuichi_Japanese_Dining_TripleOne_Somerset_review (4)

The Spider Maki was great and they were rather generous with the amount of roe, no? They have quite a wide variety of maki to choose from on the menu too.
Fukuichi_Japanese_Dining_TripleOne_Somerset_review (6)

Sushi was good on the general, rice wasn’t clumpy and the items were really fresh!
Fukuichi_Japanese_Dining_TripleOne_Somerset_review (5)

The grilled mackerel with Japanese rice was probably the only disappointing dish that night. It was pretty ‘boney’ and the meat was dry. Will not recommend this.
Fukuichi_Japanese_Dining_TripleOne_Somerset_review (3)

Hiyashi Gyomen – fish infused cold noodles served with soba sauce & seaweed
This dish looks and taste pretty unique and I stole quite a bit of this from the boyf. The noodles were bouncy and chewy, really good for those who have a liking for light and tasty stuffs.
Fukuichi_Japanese_Dining_TripleOne_Somerset_review (2)

The salmon sashimi was so fresh! Very very different standards from normal sushi joints like Sushi Tei (let’s not even mention sakae sushi) I read their wall-history  and somehow the freshness of their sashimi has to do with them being connected directly with the fish suppliers in Japan. No fishy smell at all, hence I didn’t need wasabi or soy sauce :)

And here’s our couple wear for that day. No flowers, no gifts, no special outfits.
Just a treat from the boyfriend to a good meal for both of us. I love this idea. Let’s do this every year :)


The meal cost us about S$90++ but there was a discount so it added up to just $80+ for 2. Can’t wait to visit again soon!


Fukuichi Japanese Dining
111 Somerset Road
TripleOne Somerset
Tel: +65 6271 5586
Daily: 11.30am – 3pm, 5.30pm – 12am



  1. Great post.l like Japanese food specially the sea food. .Our daughter in law’s grandma is from Japan and she is a wonderful cook.All the best

    • hey dear! thanks for reading. I am lucky there’s so many Jap restaurants the place I live in :)
      Thank you I will pop over and collect it soon!

  2. Hi! I love love your header, your dress is so pretty.
    Also, the photos are very nice, Japanese is my favourite cuisine.
    You’re from Singapore, right? I went there last year and I loved it.
    xx Karen.

    • hey dear! thanks for visiting my blog :) wow hi5 jap food lover! yes, I’m Singaporean :) which country are you from? love your blog!!

  3. ^ v ^ what a yummy valentine you have !The couple outfits of yours are nice , simple is the best, isn’t it :) ?

    I love Japanese cuisine,too ! Thanks to your suggestion – I’m thinking of telling this to my friends : let’s do this (go out for some sushi) everyweek -and check out if they will faint or not, haha = ))

    • Hahaha! that sounds like a fun idea! You should try it and see what their reaction would be like. I would totally love to eat Japanese food every weekend!

      Yes, lucky for me, my bf is the type who says I am beautiful even in jeans and tee with no makeup on. Had an enjoyable valentine’s date indeed :)

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